Wrathion – Early Life: Lore Sundays

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In this Sunday adventure we will learn about The Black Prince, Wrathion and his lore. As we all know, he is already a some of a kind prominent figure in Warcraft. Being the one of a few black dragons alive, he surely has an interesting history.

Unhatched Adventures

You probably heard of Deathwing the Destroyer, the father of Wrathion. In his early life, he was called Neltharion the Earth Warder. Long time ago, Neltharion was a powerful wyrm of the Black Dragonflight. Chosen by the titans, he became one of the five Dragon Aspects. With his power, he forged rivers and mountains for the world of mortals’ benefits. For a long time, he was the great protector of the land and a leader of the Black Dragonflight.

Wrathion's father, Deathwing the Destroyer
Wrathion’s father, Deathwing the Destroyer
(artwork by UnidColor on DeviantArt)

Then came madness after Neltharion’s mind was corrupted by the Old Gods. His name quickly changed to Deathwing the Destroyer and soon enough, the whole Black Dragonflight was corrupted.

A red dragon, by the name of Rheastrasza, sought a way to clean the Black Dragonflight of their corruption. She captured a black dragon by the name of Nyxondra and had plans in mind. She forced the black dragon to lay her eggs hoping that one dragon can hatch uncorrupted. With the help of a powerful item, the Eye of the Watchers, that was possible. After finding one egg that deemed worthy, one that Wrathion was in, she began her experiments.

Wrathion in a black dragon egg
Wrathion in a black dragon egg
(as seen in Legendary Rogue Cinematics)

Rheastrasza travelled from place to place trying to hide from the Black Dragonflight. Along the way, she made her experiments on the egg but was soon caught by Deathwing. The mighty Destroyer heard about her plans and hunted her, shortly after burning her alive and the egg with her. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t succeed because he destroyed Rheastrasza’s own egg but not the one she experimented on. Wrathion’s egg was safe and transferred to a safe location kept by the Red Dragonflight. After a short period, the egg mysteriously disappeared from that location.

Wrathion in Control

After a short period, Wrathion’s location was known, it was Ravenholdt Manor. Agents of Ravenholdt successfully stole the egg from the Red Dragonflight and kept it into their possession. With the egg’s location known, an assassin was sent out to retrieve it. The Red Dragonflight sent out an assassin to retrieve the egg but they didn’t know one thing. They didn’t know that the egg already hatched and it was already a threat.

Wrathion in his human form
Wrathion in his human form
(artist unknown)

Upon arriving to Ravenholdt Manor, the assassin learns that Wrathion already hatched out of the egg and in human form, controls Ravenholdt. After a short talk, the assassin learns that dragons are conscious even in their shell. Wrathion explains everything and tells how he all knows about the plans and experiments. He offers a mission to the assassin, killing the rest of the corrupted Black Dragonflight for him.

In a series of missions, the last corrupted black dragons are killed with the last one being Wrathion’s left hand man, Fahrad. Wrathion thanks the assassin for the help and as a reward he gives a pair of legendary daggers empowered by the Black Dragonflight.

That’s all for this Sunday and Wrathion’s lore folks. Make sure you read our last Sunday Lore article here until the next weekend, /cheers!

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