WoW Classic Update Schedule And Free Character Moves

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Following a forum post, Blizzard officially announced WoW Classic update schedule for the upcoming week. The WoW Classic update contains free character transfer and the release of the PvP Honor system and World Bosses. It also changes some aspects of Layering in realms. Here are Blizzard’s steps:

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Monday, November 11 – Updates to Free Character Moves

On Nov 11th at 11:00 a.m. PST Blizzard will update the free character transfer service. If you are planning to use the free transfer service they strongly advise using it as soon as possible, Because transform service may be disabled at any time without warnings.

Free Character transfer details:

Tuesday, November 12 – All Realms to One Layer

With scheduled weekly maintenance beginning at 7:00 a.m. PST on Tuesday, all WoW Classic realms will be set to a single-layer. We expect some realms listed above to experience long queues after this step. We especially encourage players on Arugal , Faerlina , Herod , and Whitemane to use the Free Character Move service to avoid excessive queues.

If you don’t know what is layering in Classic, You should read our article on it but basically it is another instance of the realm. Due to layering, players from the same realms but different layers can’t see each other unless they get into the same party. Blizzard is limiting its max layers count per realm to one, therefore, some high populated realm such as ArugalFaerlinaHerod, and Whitemane will experience long queues.

Thursday, November 14 – PVP Honor System and World Bosses

At 11:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, the update will occur for all realms in this region. The PvP Honor system will come online, and it will become possible for Azuregos and Kazzak to spawn.

Allowed Free Transfer Paths:

Arugal Felstriker
Bigglesworth Anathema
Bigglesworth Arcanite Reaper
Bigglesworth Earthfury
Blaumeux Anathema
Blaumeux Arcanite Reaper
Blaumeux Earthfury
Faerlina Anathema
Faerlina Arcanite Reaper
Faerlina Earthfury
Fairbanks Anathema
Fairbanks Arcanite Reaper
Fairbanks Earthfury
Fairbanks Heartseeker
Grobbulus Anathema
Grobbulus Arcanite Reaper
Grobbulus Deviate Delight
Herod Arcanite Reaper
Herod Heartseeker
Incendius Anathema
Incendius Arcanite Reaper
Incendius Earthfury
Kromcrush Arcanite Reaper
Kromcrush Heartseeker
Mankrik Azuresong
Mankrik Windseeker
Pagle Azuresong
Pagle Windseeker
Skeram Arcanite Reaper
Skeram Heartseeker
Stalagg Arcanite Reaper
Stalagg Heartseeker
Sulfuras Anathema
Sulfuras Arcanite Reaper
Sulfuras Earthfury
Whitemane Anathema
Whitemane Arcanite Reaper
Whitemane Earthfury

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