WoW Classic servers and YOU!

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Server breakdowns and Name reservations.

Yesterday marked the two week countdown until World of Warcraft Classic release. I’m here to go over server types and name reservations.


Normal is non PVP
Want some bloodshed? Try out one of these.
Want some Role playing in your MMO? try one of these. NOTE: RP realms have specific rules regarding names.

Didn’t forget about our EU friends!

Want to have no fear about being ganked? Role here!
Rather hunt Alliance or Horde over killing 10 spiders? Start here!
We know you dance in goldshire. No shame

Last but not least Oceanic

Not a wide selection here.
Seems pretty cut and dry for our Oceanic friends.

Lastly: YOU, Yes you! can now reserve your names up to 3 per active WoW account you currently have. Just sign in and select what server you would like to start and create up to three characters. If selecting a PVP servers all characters FOR NOW must be the same faction.

Lore Sundays: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

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