WoW Classic: 10 Must Have Items (part 2)

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We’ve already went through the first part of this idea, which are the first 5 items. If you didn’t read the first part, you can find it here.

Now let’s go through the second part of this article and learn about more neat items that you can obtain.

6. Magic Dust

If you are a PvP player, this is a must-have item for your inventory.
Magic Dust is one of the most useful, if not, the most useful low level item in the game. It can be used to put your target to sleep for up to 30 seconds, even on targets at level 60. Although it lasts only 10 seconds for level 60, it can certainly be helpful enough.

Magic Dust casted on a mob.

This item drops from Dust Devils wandering around Westfall with a 50% drop chance. Therefore, it will be lot easier to farm it if you are Alliance. If you are Horde, you might want to farm these when you are max level.

7. Tidal Charm

This one is a bit harder to farm but it surely is well worth it. Similar as the Magic Dust, Tidal Charm is very useful trinket when it comes to using it for PvP. It can be used by any class and the effect is 3 seconds stun with a 15min cooldown. Taking into consideration the stun that you are getting, the cooldown isn’t that bad comparing to it.

Prince Nazjak

It drops from Prince Nazjak, a rare elite in Arathi Highlands. The rare NPC is a low level, however, it does have a slow respawn timer. In addition to this, you can expect lots of people camping it because of the highly sought after trinket.

8. Luffa

Luffa is another low level trinket which can be quite handy in certain situations. It has a 3 seconds cooldown and will remove 1 bleed effect when used.

It is a reward from a funny quest in Searing Gorge and it can be obtained very fast. The use effect can come in handy in lots of situations, especially for classes that need to re-stealth.

9. Invisibility Potion

The Invisibility Potion is not very popular amongst the players, but it surely is useful. It gives the player invisibility for 18 seconds when used with a 15 minutes cooldown. It can be used in various of situations, from running past mobs when questing to surprising your enemy in PvP battles.

Invisibility Potion after used by a player.

This potion is made by an Alchemist at a skill level of 250. It requires 1 Ghost Mushroom, 1 Sungrass and 1 Crystal Vial. The mats are not very hard to come by, however, the potion is very useful.

10. Hand of Edward the Odd

This last item is a one-hand mace called Hand of Edward the Odd. Although it cannot be used by all of the classes, it can be very useful for those who can use it. It has a 1.60 weapon speed and a chance on hit to make the next spell casted within 4 seconds, instant. It is usually used by Shamans because of their Windfury totem as a chance on hit boost for the weapon. Releasing a deadly max rank Chain Lightning or a max rank Chain Heal, or anything you like can surely be useful.

With this item being a world drop, it can be a little hard to get your hands on. Make sure you check the AH regularly and best of luck if you come across it!

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