World of Warcraft Top 5 Trolling Incidents

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World of Warcraft is an enormous game that has been around for a number of years now and as such has gained a huge following and has developed a massive community around it. Just like every other community, WoW community came with its own fair share of trolls, and when we say trolls, we don’t mean the Gurubashi or Zandalari or any other subrace of trolls that you can encounter within the game. We are talking about the other breed of trolls, the living, breathing internet trolls. While there are many of them scattered around all corners of the Earth, some of them have taken their trolling art to the extreme. This is why in this article we will be going over top 5 trolling incidents in WoW. Keep in mind that this list is subjective and may differ from your opinion. Without further ado, and In no particular order, here are our top 5 World of Warcraft Trolling Incidents.

1. Hackers
Back in the day during the old times of Vanilla WoW, a player might come home from school or from work, ready to sit back, relax and do a few WoW quests or complete a dungeon and just as he/she was about to log in, they would notice that the information that they have entered was wrong. What this would usually mean is that the account has been hacked by another person. After verifying the info and still not being able to log in, they would contact Blizzard via phone in order to regain control over their accounts which was not a hard task really. The situation would get even worse when the player would actually log in and find their characters completely naked with all their gold gone. Recovering from this would include the player contacting a GM through the game ticket system, waiting for usually a couple of days, and then receiving your items from the GM personally.

2. Warlock Summoning Stone
If you have ever played a warlock, or even if you hadn’t, chances are that you know that warlocks in World of Warcraft have the ability to create large stones which other players can use in order to summon party members to a specific location. Upon creating the summoning stone, the stone itself would appear a couple of yards in front of the player which led to some pretty funny and frustrating trolling opportunities. Players would place a huge stone at the edge of a cliff and then summon other members of their party just so they could fall off to their deaths, probably while screaming on Teamspeak.

3. Mage Portal Abusing
This one is similar to the previous entry but involves mages and their ability to make portals which other players would use to travel faster between locations. Mages would usually stack up to different portals on top of each other and laugh their hearts off while other players would be ending up in the middle of nowhere instead of major faction cities.

4. Pet Bomb/Plague
For this spot, we have chosen to go with two instances of trolling which are very similar in nature. Back in the old days, raid bosses could cast debuffs on hunter and warlock pets and not just the players and some of those debuffs had a cooldown which when expired would deal a massive amount of damage to everyone around. One such ability was cast by a boss in Molten Core which would essentially make a player explode and deal damage to everyone around after a while. Players have found out that if that ability were to target a pet, the pet could then be dismissed, only to be called back at a later time with the debuff still active on it. This would cause trolls to go to populated areas and call their pets which would annihilate huge amounts of players within seconds. Similarly to this ability, another boss had an ability called Corrupted Blood which would instantly kill an enemy and then the debuff would jump to other players and spread like wildfire, killing thousands of players over and over.

5. Lord Kazzak
Our final spot goes to the Lord Kazzak troll. In case you don’t know, Lord Kazzak was an open-world raid boss which was supposed to be taken down by 40 players and was extremely overpowered. The most unforgiving mechanic that he possessed was the ability he got after becoming enraged. Upon reaching the enraged state, Lord Kazzak would start shooting shadow bolts at all players within range which would heal him for a few percents of health for every player killed. While this sounds bad, its nothing that players couldn’t deal with in a controlled environment, but this trolling incident didn’t happen in a controlled environment. When Lord Kazzak was first added to the game, he could be kited for an unlimited amount of time and range and one person had a bright idea to lead Kazzak straight to the city of Stormwind which at the time was the main hub of Alliance players. Since the city was populated by both high-level and low-level players, this meant that Lord Kazzak had infinite targets that he could kill instantly with his shadow bolts which means he would pretty much become an unkillable machine of destruction. Blizzard had to bring the server down in order to correct this issue.

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