World of Warcraft Raider Rants #1

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Greetings fellow wow players and enthusiasts and welcome to our first issue of what we have decided to call WoW Raider Rants. Since this is an entirely new segment and features completely different content than our usual articles, it seems fitting that we explain what this segment is about. Basically, the entire premise of the segment evolves around us digging out funny and/or interesting WoW-related stories and retelling them here entirely for entertainment purposes and our first story involves a type of player that all of us have encountered within the game at one point or another which is the arrogant elitist player who constantly thinks too highly of himself and generally looks down on everybody else.

The story is set in the early days of Vanilla WoW where our protagonist, an entirely new player, although familiar with some aspects of the game enters the world on his character for what is probably one of the few first times he had ever done so.

It is a late afternoon and our protagonist has come back home tired from work and he just wishes to play some WoW and relax. He starts the game, selects his character and enters the world just like he did before. After completing a few quests, our protagonist decides to head to one of the capital cities to train up his skills, maybe do a dungeon or see what gear is available on the auction house.
He arrives into Orgrimmar and is taken by the sight of so many players running around, trading, socializing and searching for various things in the chat when all of a sudden, a max level character approaches him, opens a trade window and gives our protagonist 50 gold without saying a word. Confused but glad, our protagonist accepts the gold and whispers the charitable character who has decided to share his hard-earned coin with a new player.

This gave our protagonist the impression that other players are very kind people who are willing to help the “new guy” and after gracefully thanking the kind stranger, they decide to add each other to their “friends” lists and start communicating on a regular basis.

Not long after, our protagonist would learn that all of this was just an illusion and that the kind stranger that he had encountered was anything but kind. During one of many conversations that they had, the stranger admitted that he shared his gold was only due to losing a bet to one of his guildmates.

The stake of the bet was that the person who lost had to try and find the biggest, most pathetic loser in the game and give that person 50 gold. The title of “the biggest most pathetic loser” seemingly belonged to our protagonist as he was the one who got the 50g and while back then, that was a considerable amount of gold, our protagonist couldn’t help but feel bad about himself regardless of the free gold.
Our story does have a happy end however since both of the parties in this story became friends and in-game rivals in terms of doing damage.

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