World First Races of Battle for Azeroth

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Battle for Azeroth was launched on August 14th, 2018 and since then, there were 4 World First races for the 4 released Raids. These World First Races draw a lot of attention to World of Warcraft, especially in this expansion since Top guilds started streaming their progress which made things interesting. With Patch 8.3 around the corner, It’s good to know the history of previous World First race winners.


The World First race for Uldir was unique and interesting as it was the first race that top guilds, like Method, streamed their progress. Although it should be noted that most guilds like Limit, which are now known as Complexity Limit, did not stream their Progress.


The final Boss of Uldir, G’huun, was alive for 8 days and took 285 pulls to Kill. The winner of this Uldir World First race was Method.

Method Achieved World First G’huun on September 19th, 2018 (9/09/2018).

Fetid Devourer

The reason for Uldir taking that long was nothing but the over-tuned Fetid Devourer which was first Killed by Limit after 3 days of trying and hefty nerfs to this encounter. Fetid Devourer was first impossible to kill as it required huge DPS and good luck, but Blizzard started nerfing the fight to a level that was killable.

Losing to Method

Limit lost to Method for one main reason, extending their raid lockout, because they had managed to get G’huun to a very low level of health just before the reset. Method Decided to clear the whole raid again to rise their Item level and their strategy worked!

Battle of Dazar’alor

This raid was probably the most unique raid in World of Warcraft, as it featured a faction-specific mechanics. Although these mechanics only involved a different boss kill order for each faction and unique Bosses for each faction. All bosses til Stormwall Blockade were downed in the first 24 hours.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Lady Jaina Proudmoore was alive for 7 days, and it took 346 wipes to defeat her. Method won the World First race of Battle of Dazar’alor. The most interesting fact about this race was that Method downed Lady Jaina 2 times before Limit defeated it, one before the weekly reset and one after the weekly reset. So Method basically won 2 times.

Method Achieved World First Lady Jaina Proudmoore on the 5th of February in 2019

It is worth noting that probably the most interesting thing happened in the fight of Limit with Jaina, They killed him with only 1 person alive.

Limit in the World First race, Jaina Fight

Stormwall Blockade

Just like Fetid Devourer from the last raid, Uldir, There was an extremely hard boss in this raid. Stormwall Blockade took 1 day to down, although it is not very much, it was only killed due to much needed nerfs of the fight.

Crucible of Storms

This raid was supposed to be a very quick race for World First as it has only 2 bosses. This race for World First got interesting as days went by after the release of Crucible of Storms, with Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void undefeated. This race became the longest World First race as of now as it took 9 days.

Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void

Uu’nat was first defeated by Pieces after 9 days and 700 wipes, Making it the longest and hardest end boss fight in Battle for Azeroth (Before The Eternal Palace). This fight was nerfed a couple of times before defeated. Some of the hardness of this fight raised from bad overlapping of some abilities.

The Restless Cabal

This boss also took long to kill because of the tight timer and huge DPS check. Most of the guilds if not all, stacked Shadow Priest for this fight because of the huge multi-target DoT DPS. This lead to nerf of Auspicious Spirits Talent of Shadow Priests and The boss health was also nerfed by around ~15%.

The Eternal Palace

The Eternal Palace World First race was the most-watched race of World of Warcraft until now. This was mainly because almost all guilds, including Limit, started streaming their progress. This race, like Uu’nat had a lot of competitors as all guilds were on the same bosses most of the time, until there was a block like Lady Ashvane or Za’qul. This race also turned out to be tougher than Crucible of Storms as it took 12 days to defeat Queen Azshara.

Queen Azshara in the Eternal Palace

Queen Azshara

Queen Azshara was alive for 12 days and took 359 wipes to get defeated. The race for World First was over after Method defeated Queen Azshara. This time, Limit was extremely close to Method as they defeated Queen Azshara only 8 hours after Method. The main reason for their defeat to Method could be their strategy of 3 healers while Method used 2 Healers. It should be noted that Pieces, the winner of the last race, won the 3rd place.

The World First Race for Queen Azshara was over on the 28th of July.


This boss was a hard stop for the race. He only took 2 days to defeat but it was only due to the much needed nerfs of this fight. Most guilds were forced to use One Tank strategy, making it the first boss in a long while with this strategy. The other problem was that the one tank you brought had to be a Monk, because of their ability, Stagger. The one tank strategy was due to the huge DPS check of the fight. Sco, the guild master of Method was benched for this fight. Limit first defeated Za’qul after 2 days. Method won second place by defeating Za’qul after 3 days and after that Pieces defeated him after 4 days.

Lady Ashvane

This boss was also a hard stop for the racers of World First and was alive for one day. She was defeated by Method after the much needed nerf. This fight was also a huge DPS check for raiders.

This was the history of All World First races of Battle for Azeroth for the released raid! With Ny’alotha around the corner, guilds are preparing to win the World First but only time will tell the winner.

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