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The World First Race for Ny’alotha is about to come to a finish. With 9 guilds standing 11/12, we should be seeing a finish to this race soon. This World First Race, like all of the Battle For Azeroth World First Races, had few aspects aside from the race itself. Things such as Composition of raids, class balance, boss balance, and etc. One of the important aspects of it for the game is the Streams. Before Battle for Azeroth, Guilds didn’t stream their progress but starting with Method most guilds started doing it.

Streams allow the game to be seen in Twitch and Gamers community and draw more players into the game, so it acts like free advertisement for World of Warcraft. It also encourages other streamers, as for some people, streaming is a job. In this article, we cover the Stream aspect of the World First race to see its impacts on the game and streams.

World First Race Streams Views

The first thing that should be looked at when analyzing World First streams, is how much viewers they got? How effective they were? Let’s take a look at data and answer these questions.

Top Streamers of World First Race

The streams were spread between channels of all guilds that were streaming, but the most-watched ones were Method, limit_Maximum, Complexity, and Sco.

World of Warcraft jumped up one rank in Average Viewers, from 4th rank to 3rd in the past week with 97,000 average viewers. Peak viewers is currently standing at 170,000 but based on other World First races, it will jump to a much higher number when a guild achieves World First.


Method has become the Most-Watched Twitch channel of the last 2 Weeks in Twitch. They had 6,400,000 watched hours in the last 2 weeks. To see how good this number is, limit_maximum who is currently rank 2 at World of Warcraft Most-Watched channels, had 2.5 million watched hours in the last 2 weeks.

Method stream statistics in world first race

Method also gained 47,000 followers in the past two weeks. They have 157 hours broadcast time which places them around ~40. They are among the most hours broadcasted in the last two weeks.

limit_maximum & Complexity

limit_maximum, guild master of <Complexity Limit> is the second Most-Watched Channel of World of Warcraft as of now, for a 2 weeks range. He has 14k average Viewers with a watch time of 2.5 Million. limit_maximum gained more than 40,000 followers in the two weeks period thanks to their fast progress in the race. limit_maximum channel views rose when he and his guild defeated Carapce of N’zoth and had some of the best attempts on N’zoth itself.

limit_maximum stream statistics in world first race

Complexity limit channel has around 7k average viewers and they gained 33,500 followers. Complexity Limit, like Method has around 157 hours broadcasted

Other Guilds

Aversion and Exorsus are also notable streams of this World First race.

Aversion has around 198,000 Watched hours and 2,200 average Viewers. They gained 5,700 followers during this race. They stream in German language.

Exorsus progress, which was streamed on nurseos channel, has around 124,000 Watched hours and around 1,100 average viewers. They stream in Russian.

Streamers Income

The other questions that popped a few times in Twitch chats were, what do guilds get from winning World First? Or even streaming it?

The reality is, guilds don’t get anything from winning World First. In fact, they might even lose something. Method had 100 Million gold debt in Battle of Daza’alor Race.

The race itself comes from passion and the feeling of competition in guilds that want to achieve the world first and make a big name out of themselves. But the streams are a support to this, and it enables guilds to have some income out of the race.

Sadly, since Twitch doesn’t report subscribers numbers of a Twitch Channel, there is no way to actually find out how much they are making for Streaming the race. But some rough statistics are available from Sco‘s Twitch channel.


The only thing we can take a look at each channel is “cheering” or bit donations. Basically, for every 1 bit donated to a channel, Twitch will share 1 cent with the Channel owner. This translates to 1 USD for every 100 bits donated. Unfortunately, there is also not an accurate statistic for bits donations but we can see top weekly donators and how much they donated.

Sco had this Weekly Top Cheerers. The top 10 cheerers donated 20,400 in total which is 204 USD. This is not close enough to even have a rough estimate.


Sco twitch Subscriber counter showed 645. Although this might not the total number of Subscribers. Twitch shares half of revenue from subscribers of each channel with its owners. Twitch Tier 1 Subscribe is $5/month, and 645 subscribers mean $1612 for that month. This could give a rough estimate of how much top streamers of World of Warcraft make.

Method Sco Subscriber count

Although streamers like Sco, only shine a lot during World First races and after the race, most subscribers cancel their monthly subscribes.


The number of Donations is not exactly known as there is no way to even have an estimation because most Twitch Streamers hide this part.

Overall, Guilds are working very hard to achieve the best they can in this World First Race. Their Broadcast time is an obvious proof to their dedication to this Game, and Streams.

The Greatest Feat of Strength

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of this World First race streams is Method’s act of nobility, Donating to <Save the Children> charity. The goal is not known but they are gathering as much as they can.

Method fund raising for charity in World First Race Streams

This is not their first time though, during the World First race for Azshara Method raised more than $50,000 for Charity.

This act raises awareness among the public and also has an important message: Games are more than just games. They can spread joy and as history showed, they can bring people together for a good cause.

No matter who is the winner, every guild is doing their best in this World First Race, and in the game they love.

These streams show no matter how old a game is, it is always alive if it has a community and community is the most important factor of Games.

All of Twitch’s view stats used here are available thanks to

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