Websites that Will Help you When Classic WoW Launches

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After a huge outcry from the World of Warcraft fans, Blizzard has finally decided to provide all of us with official World of Warcraft vanilla servers which will allow the players to experience the game in its original shape and form just like it was created back in 2004. With the release date slowly drawing near, and with more news being released regarding WoW classic, we have decided to provide you with a few websites which those who want to play WoW classic might find useful.

To start things off, we have a website that is completely dedicated to the classic World of Warcraft. While the website is still under construction, it might end up being just what every serious World of Warcraft classic player needs. Currently, the website contains numerous articles that are dedicated to the latest WoW classic updates and news as well as separate sections dedicated to PvP, PvE, Leveling, Economy, etc. There are also numerous class and spec guides as well as the live section which is dedicated to WoW classic streamers and contains a list of channels related to WoW classic. The website also has a forum for the members of the community where various topics can be discussed and there are more interesting features which are still under construction. One such feature is the tool which lets players select a piece of gear for each of their slots as well as their race and class which then calculates the stats of the character such as health, attack power, agility, etc. Overall, this is a very good website for those who are serious about getting the most out of their gear as well as those players who wish to brush up on their rotations, character builds, etc.

This website is aimed at producing and reporting news regarding World of Warcraft classic and everything else that is even remotely related to classic WoW. The website mostly consists of various articles reporting on classic WoW news as well as interviews with numerous streamers, developers and any other kind of people who are related to classic WoW in one way or another. In short, this is a very good website which provides a lot of behind the scenes information so those of you who are interested in that kind of stuff will have a great time browsing it. and

We have decided to group up these two websites into one entry due to both of them being very similar in nature and content. Both of these websites are databases which contain all of the information about classic World of Warcraft NPCs, quests, zones, spells, classes, items, sets, etc.

Basically, every single thing that you encounter in World of Warcraft, you can get detailed information about it on one of these websites. Both of them are excellent sources of information. The only difference between them is the design with the former having an old-school design which matches the style of the websites from the vanilla WoW era and the latter one being more modern.

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