Vlad Harabagiu Turns WoW Classic Quests Into Cool Comic Book Art Scenes

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Most of us grind through Classic and focus on getting level 60 for the most part. Many of the players do not pay attention to the quests along the way, but Vlad Harabagiu Does.

This artist, Vlad Harabagiu, does pay attention to the quests. But not only that, he does something amazing with the quests and the experiences. This artist brings memorable quests and experiences a new life. A new life in the form of a drawing.

WoW Classic dungeon Shadowfang Keep, Worgen and NPC by Vlad Harabagiu
Shadowfang Keep by Vlad Harabagiu

The person behind the incredible art is Vlad Harabagiu from Romania. Almost for a month now, Vlad draws memorable moments from his Classic journey and shares them with the world.

Every few days for the past month, he draws and shares his art on ArtStation and Reddit. In other words, each of his pieces represents his progression in the game.

His first artwork that he shared was about a quest giver in Durotar, a troll by the name Hana’zua. Vlad shared his first artwork of this kind on both Reddit and ArtStation.

Hana'zua, WoW Classic troll questgiver in Durotar
Hana’zua NPC by Vlad Harabagiu

Vlad shared his first drawing under the title “Playing WoW Classic so I thought why not draw scenes memorable quests and experiences? This first one is for Hana’zua, the troll bested by Sarkoth in the Valley of Trials.”. It was shared on both subreddits /r/wow and /r/classicwow on Reddit. The majority of the people liked the artwork and the idea and the posts received around 4000 upvotes.

Here are some of the other parts Vlad has already done, all of them under the name “A Classic Journey”.

II – Slaying the beast

Felhunter mob from Ragefire Chasm WoW Classic dungeon

III: Echeyakee

Echeyakee quest objective by Vlad Harabagiu
Echeyakee by Vlad Harabagiu

IV: Lost in battle

Lost in Battle Wow Classic quest NPC by Vlad Harabagiu
Lost in Battle Quest by Vlad Harabagiu

V: Wailing Caverns

Wailing Caverns WoW Classic dungeon encounter by Vlad Harabagiu
Wailing Caverns encounter by Vlad Harabagiu

VI: Betrayal from Within

Betrayal from within quest wow classic by Vlad Harabagiu
Betrayal From Within Quest by Vlad Harabagiu

VII: Harpies Threaten

Harpies threaten wow classic quest by Vlad Harabagiu
Harpies Threaten Quest by Vlad Harabagiu

What is special with the drawings is that Vlad takes ordinary quests and turns them into dramatic moments. So far the response from the community, especially Reddit, has been very positive. Players like the artworks and encourage the artist. One Redditor wrote: “Blizzard should hire you to make an anime of this. This is super cool. Well done.”

In response to all the support, Vlad has started a Patreon with the aim of turning these drawings into an actual comic book.

You can check Vlad’s Reddit profile and also ArtStation profile if you want to be up to date and support his drawings.

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