Uldum Rares – Patch 8.3

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Patch 8.3 is now live with a lot of new features, including Titan Assaults which happen in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossom. Just like Patch 8.2 which brought ton a Rares to Nazjatar and Mechagon, Patch 8.3 brings new Rares to Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossom. Here we will cover where to find Rare spawns of Uldum in one place.

Uldum Rares

There is a star appearing on the minimap once rares respawned, indicating their location. These rares are only available when an uldum assault is active. Major assaults last 7 days, while Minor assaults last 3 days and 12 hours.

Black Empire Assault Rares

Amathet Assault Rares

Aqir Assault Rares

Click on the stars on the map for the exact locations.

Most Rare spawns at Uldum Drop :

He is located at 65.30 49.84. Don't forget to bring some extra help, you need help bringing Atekhramun down, especially a tank.

Anaua can be found around 70.17 53.24. It should be noted that Anaua moves around Halls of Origination so if you don't find him at that exact location, search around it. It can be soloed.

Acolyte Taspu can be found at 64.60 26.25. He is inside the Chamber of Stars. The entrance to the Chamber of Stars is 64.20 26.0. He can be soloed.

Congealed Corruption is located at 57.32 44.52. It can be soloed.

Champion Sen-mat is located at 75.56 52.15. He can be soloed but there are guards around him so you must be careful if you don't want extra enemies to kill.

He can be found near the edge of a cliff at 74.96 68.18. He is around his lion which you also need to kill (or run after killing Fangtaker Orsa).

He roams around 80.86 47.55. Can be killed solo but you might want to be careful not to pull any extra mobs.

The Hungering Miasma is sitting around 60.22 39. This rare has high HP and can't be soloed (or it takes a long time). Better to bring some help.

Muminah The Incandescent is located at 66.87 20.16. He has a high HP but can be soloed by most classes. Bring a friend to kill him faster.

He is located at 62.27 24.64 standing around a pillar.

Rotfeaster is located at 68.15 31.90. He can be soloed and has a chance to drop Waste Marauder mount.

He can be found at 69.75 42.10 on the edge near a pillar. Has around ~2M HP, can be soloed. Have a chance to drop [Tol'vir Relic Fragment], and one Black Empire catch-up item token. (item level 410)

Senbu The Pridefather is located around 73 64.56 near other lions. He can be soloed. Has around ~1.1M health.

Shoth the Darkened is located at 61.37 74.88 near a huge corrupted pillar. He has high HP and cant be soloed. Bring extra help!

He is located at 78.93 63.17. He has around ~8M HP, Bring extra help to kill him.Sun king Nahkotep drops extra Azerite Power and Black Empire BoA 410 item level token.

Sun king Nahkotep

The Sun Priestess Nubitt is located at 84.76 56.88. He can be soloed.

He is located at 72.84 73.80 near the edge of a cliff.

Tat the Bonechewer roams around 66.67 38.59 so if you don't find him, keep looking. It can be soloed.

Vuk'laz is located at 45.56 16.77. Bring extra help to kill him.

Watcher Rehu is roaming around 79.50 51.85. if He is alive he can't be missed. Bring extra help to kill it.


/way 65.06 51.22 Atekhramun
/way 70.17 53.24 Anaua
/way 64.60 26.25 Acolyte Taspu
/way 57.32 44.52 Congealed Corruption
/way 75.56 52.15 Champion Sen-mat
/way 74.96 68.18 Fangtaker Orsa
/way 80.86 47.55 Hik-Ten The Taskmaster
/way 60.22 39 Hungering Miasma
/way 66.87 20.16 Muminah The Incandescent
/way 62.27 24.64 Nebet The Ascended
/way 68.15,31.90 Rotfeaster
/way 69.75 42.10 Scoutmaster Moswen
/way 73 64.56 Senbu The Pridefather
/way 61.37 74.88 Shoth the Darkened
/way 78.93,63.17 Sun King Nahkotep
/way 84.76 56.88 Sun Priestess Nubitt
/way 72.84 73.80 Sun Prophet Epaphos
/way 66.67 38.59 Tat The Bonechewer
/way 45.56 16.77 Vuk’laz The Earthbreaker
/way 79.50 51.85 Watcher Rehu

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