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This Sunday we will go through the mysterious life of General Turalyon. Make sure you check our article from last Sunday, Azuregos Lore, if you didn’t already.

Turalyon is a famous paladin of the Alliance and one of the first Knights of the Silver Hand. He served the army with distinction during and after the Second War. Turalyon was also second in command to Lord Anduin Lothar during the Second War.

Turalyon’s Early Days

Ever since he was a boy, Turalyon believed in the power of the Holy Light. At an early age, he joined the ranks of the priesthood of Lordaeron. At that time, he fell under the guidance of Uther, knight of Lordaeron. He was also a cleric apprentice of the Archbishop Alonsus. Turalyon strongly believed in the Holy Light, but was never able to see its full potential.

Turalyon as a paladin
Turalyon as a paladin.
(artwork by sorrowofdestiny)

He was really devoted to the priesthood and studied the ways of the Light. He was working hard and really gave everything to help and aid the wounded as a priest. During troubled times of the Second War, his efforts and bravery were noticed. He rallied the Council of Seven Nations and urged them to form the Alliance of Lordaeron. Later on in his life, Turalyon joined the ranks of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

Knights of the Silver Hand

Although he was a priest, he was a very skilled and fearsome warrior and could fight well. Easily, he could match the skills of the knights at that time. Later on his life, he was handpicked as one of the first five Knights of the Silver Hand. The Archbishop, Alonsus Faol, picked him along with four other. His mentor, Uther the Lightbringer, Tirion Fordring, Saidan, and Gavinrad the Dire were the rest of the knights.

Knights of the Silver Hand - Uther, Tirion, Saidan, Turalyon
Knights of the Silver Hand – Uther, Tirion, Saidan, Turalyon
(artwork by Jiangfeng Feng)

These five knights were tasked with serious duty along the way. At the time they were tasked with assisting Lord Anduin Lothar and Khadgar. They were organizing the defense of Lordaeron against the Horde pushing forward. What happened then left Turalyon shocked and very much confused. Lord Anduin Lothar appointed Turalyon as his lieutenant. This was a decision that made him uncertain and questions his worth even more…

The Second War

After being appointed as Lothar’s lieutenant, Turalyon was in disbelief. Out of all those great men, he chose him. This decision made him question his worth a lot more. Being a lieutenant, Turalyon fought alongside Lothar in every battle. Along the way in the Second War, he met Alleria Windrunner. The leader of the rangers, Alleria, was sent to help them. Mutual attraction formed between Turalyon and Alleria. Soon enough, that attraction grew into a relationship.

Turalyon, Alleria and Khadgar in front of the Dark Portal
Turalyon, Alleria, and Khadgar
(artwork from WoW Chronicle Vol 2)

Back in the battle, he showed exceptional skills. His actions were right and he was indeed a great leader for battle. Lothar never questioned his choice and was happy with the outcome. Both of them shared the same battlegrounds for a time. Both of them battled with the Horde and defended the innocent. Turalyon fought alongside Lothar at Hillsbrad and Southshore.

There were many battles back and forth between the Horde and them. They successfully managed to push the Horde back and defend Quel’Thalas later on. Shortly after, Turalyon rejoined the rest of the army for the liberation of Ironforge. The battle there was devastating, both the Horde and the Alliance suffered. Despite almost losing, the Alliance managed to defend and halt back the horde. Soon enough, the horde was on the run. They managed to drive them back to Blackrock Mountain.

The Lion’s Lieutenant

To their surprise, it was there where the Horde turned back and struck again. The orc Warchief, Doomhammer, was also present amongst their ranks. He sought for Lothar on the battlefield and soon, their weapons clashed. It was a tough fight and Lothar was struck down and killed.

Turalyon on Lothar's grave
Turalyon on Lothar’s grave
(artwork by Blizzard Entertainment)

When Turalyon saw this, he again saw his faith in a brief moment. The battle was looking lost until he took the broken sword of Lothar. He rallied the Alliance and led them to victory. They successfully managed to push the Horde back all the way to the Dark Portal. There, the Horde felt lost and was losing the battle. Turalyon gave chase, successfully driving the orcs through the portal. Khadgar was present and immediately destroyed the portal. Seemingly ending the Horde and allowing the Alliance to rebuilt.

Expedition to Draenor

Turalyon was a protector. His life was all about protecting the innocent. His duty was to protect the innocent people, and he never failed to do so. But that was not his only duty after the war. A few years later, there was another opened portal on Draenor. The shaman Ner’zhul along with Deathwing were behind this. They planned to open many portals for the Horde to go through worlds and ravage them. Using a powerful artifact, the Skull of Gul’dan they opened this portal. Not just this, they were on the way to open many more.

Turalyon, Alleria and Khadgar - invasion on Draenor
Turalyon, Alleria and Khadgar – invasion on Draenor
(image from World of Warcraft Chronicle: Vol II)

It was then when Turalyon was handpicked to lead the expedition. An expedition to Draenor in order to stop Ner’zhul and Deathwing. He gathered the forces, named Sons of Lothar and together entered Draenor. His force was accompanied by other heroes, Khadgar and Alleria among them.

The force was situated in Nethergrade Keep and preparing for a battle. There were some groups of the Horde across the Blasted Lands. Under Turalyon’s command, the Alliance army smashed through Horde’s army. Soon enough, they realized that they have to go after Ner’zhul and Deathwing. Defeating them would stop the shaman from opening more portals on Draenor.

Battles on Draenor

Turalyon formed two groups, one goes after Ner’zhul and one after Deathwing. He was after Deathwing along with Khadgar and Alleria. After catching up on his trails, they managed to find and battle him. While the battle raged, Khadgar unleashed a powerful arcane spell that hit Deathwing. The spell was so powerful that he dropped the Skull of Gul’Dan and escaped. The group quickly recovered the artifact and proceeded to meet with the other part of the army.

Alleria and Turalyon overlooking Hellfire Peninsula
Alleria and Turalyon overlooking Hellfire Peninsula
(image from World of Warcraft Chronicle: Vol III)

Both the groups met at the Black Temple, ready to attack Ner’zhul’s residence. Unfortunately, they failed to get in time as Ner’zhul already escaped them. Before leaving Draenor, the shaman released strong magic that shook the world. The magic was so powerful that rifts of reality emerged around the world. The spell disrupted Draenor’s ley lines and opened many rifts. Soon, the ground started shaking and the world of Draenor was dying. Turalyon and Khadgar knew what needed to be done. They needed to destroy the portal in order to save their homeland. But destroying the portal needed to be done inside Draenor.

Rift to Another Dimension

Back in Hellfire Peninsula, both of the armies battled around the portal. Panic from both sides was present as the warriors were trying to flee from that world through the portal. A world where everything was soon to collapse. In front of the portal, Khadgar and the other magi started to unleash the magic. They used the artifact, Skull of Gul’dan to destroy the portal, and they did. In the chaos of Draenor’s collapse, Turalyon led some of his forces through one of the rifts.

Draenor and the Dark Portal
(artwork by Aleksandr Chernobai on ArtStation)

Upon doing so, he, Alleria and the rest of his men were trapped in a different reality. They were separated from the rest of the forces back in Hellfire Peninsula. After the portal was destroyed, back at Honor Hold, nobody knew where are Turalyon and Alleria. Their disappearance was not taken lightly. A search was made across Draenor but nothing was to be found. With only one thing left for the people, Turalyon and Alleria were presumed to be dead.

Army of the Light

Turalyon and Alleria ended up on a different place in Draenor through the Twisting Nether. Eventually, they were found by Lothraxion, a former member of the Burning Legion. He told them that they were fated to battle against the Burning Legion and he had been sent to find them. Shortly after, the Naaru Xe’ra appeared and asked them to join the Army of the Light.

After many years, Turalyon was infused with the Light, granted by Xe’ra and was granted immortality. He also joined the Council of Exarchs of the Army of Light. Together with Alleria, they participated in many raids across the Burning Legion throughout the cosmos. Around 500-Nether-years later, Turalyon had become the High Exarch of the Army of the Light.

Turalyon and Alleria
Turalyon and Alleria
(artwork by Glenn Rane on ArtStation)

During the Burning Legion’s third invasion on Azeroth, Turalyon sent a message to Khadgar. He informed them that the Legion is coming to Azeroth, and soon they joined them.

On Argus, Turalyon survived a crash of his army’s dimensional ship. There, he was saved by the resident Krokul of Krokuun. Later on, he met the prophet Velen and the heroes of Azeroth. He alongside heroes of Azeroth together fought bravely against the Legion. Later on, Alleria arrived to help them and was reunited with Turalyon.

In a reunion with Khadgar, the archmage informed Turalyon that two of his old buddies are also alive. Danath and Kurdran, two of the heroes who journeyed together with him on the expedition. Jokingly, Turalyon, Alleria, and Khadgar agreed that after the fight is over, they would hold a Sons of Lothar reunion feast.

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