Top 5 WoW Classic Hidden Quests

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World of Warcraft has been around for 15 years now and many things have changed since the early days of it. This left many players feeling nostalgic and missing the early version of the game which led to the announcement that WoW Classic will be making a return in August 2018. Because this will give many players the opportunity to relive the early days and let some new ones experience them for the first time, we have decided to go over the top five hidden quests in classic WoW.

Captain Sander’s Hidden Treasure
This one is a very interesting quest, and while quest drops are not exactly hidden, and you will usually stumble upon them while doing other things, this one goes on the list due to the extremely low drop rate which means not many players knew about it back in the day. The quest starts by the player slaying tons of Murlocs in Westfall, and after a while, you will eventually receive Captain Sander’s Treasure Map which according to the quest points to a buried treasure. The quest itself is a scavenger hunt type of quest where you need to follow different clues, visit various locations and interact with different objects in order to get to the final clue which points to a location of Captain Sander’s Hidden Treasure chest.

This quest comes from an NPC but not the usual human or orc NPC that we are all used to at this point in the life of the game. No, this one comes from a Westfall Chicken. In order to receive the quest from this feathered NPC, the player needs to run around the chicken farm spamming the /chicken emote at the nearby chickens. If you do this long enough, eventually, one chicken will emote back at you and will ask you to bring it some Special Chicken Feed which can be purchased from a farmer at the Saldean’s Farm. Simply give the chicken the feed and it will lay an egg for you which will reward you with a pet.

Captain Grayson’s Quests
These quests are not that much different from any other regular World of Warcraft quests that we all complete on a daily basis, however, what makes these quests hidden is their location. These quests are given to the player by an NPC called Captain Grayson who is a ghost captain of a ship who has vowed to keep the lighthouse lit on a small island where he is located. The abandoned lighthouse in question can be found on the small island in the southwest of Westfall.

Wailing Caverns Quests
These quests are perhaps not truly secret now, but back in the day, not many players new about them. While the Wailing Caverns dungeon was widely known and very popular among the lower level players, the quests that were related to it were not so much. The dungeon entrance was located west of the Crossroads inside a giant animal skull, but if you take a closer look it, you might notice that inside one of the eyes of the skull is a cave with a couple of NPCs inside.

Hilary’s Necklace
This quest is not really hidden but is extremely hard to find for all the Horde players due to it being available in an Alliance hub in Redridge Mountains. The quest itself is given to a player by an NPC but due to the fact that almost no Horde players will ever come across this place naturally, it remains one of the secret quests in classic WoW.

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