Top 5 World of Warcraft People That Annoy You

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World of Warcraft is an MMO game and as such is filled with all kinds of different people whom one can either love or hate or even be indifferent towards, however, there are special breeds of players which are generally frowned upon by almost all of WoW community. Today we will be taking a look at top five WoW people that are annoying so without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. The DPS Whore
All of us have encountered this type of player at least once at some point during our World of Warcraft journey, hell, maybe this type of person is your guildie or your best friend but no matter who or where you meet him, the story is always the same. That person just has to link his DPS meter in the chat every chance he gets. It doesn’t matter if you were doing a raid boss, a dungeon or even a single mob. This person has the need to show everyone that he is the top dog when it comes to DPS and that he is better than you.

2. Gold Sellers
In order to find these people, you have to do nothing more than turn on one of the global WoW chats such as trade chat or general chat and monitor it for a few minutes. Chances are that you will encounter a person who is a low-level character with no guild and who is spamming the chat by offering gold for sale or with various links and emoticons which lead to sketchy sites that offer various gold and wow services. While the number of gold sellers has gone down since the introduction of the WoW Token, they can still be encountered occasionally and are still up to their old tricks.

3. WoW Girls
Another type of person that we have probably encountered at one point or another and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This type of person always plays a female character, usually with no armor on or wearing a very revealing armor which is all fine and good. The problem arises when such person starts pretending to be an actual girl in order to gain gold, a raid spot or anything else that they might desire, but when asked to come on voice chat, they always have some excuse such as not having a microphone or a parent sleeping in the room. If you encounter a “girl” like this, it’s probably not a girl.

4. Expansion Fanboys
World of Warcraft has gone through many expansions and has changed over the course of them drastically which helped breed a special kind of annoying people which are the expansion fanboys. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your opinion and liking how the game played in the past, these people tend to take this to an extreme and often spam forums, chats, and every other social media with how they think a certain expansion was the best period of World of Warcraft.

5. WoW Doomsayer
This kind of people have been around pretty much since the birth of World of Warcraft and can be recognized by their extremely vocal statements such as “World of Warcraft is dead.” While this is by no means true as World of Warcraft is considered to be the most populated MMO even today, these people can’t help it but shout their claims from the rooftops every time a new patch comes out, a new expansion is released or even when smaller changes are made to the game.

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