Top 5 World of Warcraft Mysteries

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Top 5 World of Warcraft Mysteries

The world of Azeroth is a vast world rich in lore and filled with different landscapes. From the snowy mountain peaks to the beautiful grassy meadows and everything in between, it is filled with mystery, adventure, and excitement. While there are many those who come to seek their fortune and wish to test themselves against powerful foes, there are those who occasionally stumble upon discoveries a lot larger and more mysterious than they ever bargained for. Today we will be looking at the top five World of Warcraft mysteries that have despite being discovered years ago, withstood the test of time and still puzzle even the most curious of minds.


5. Andrestrasz
To start things off at number five, we have a dragon called Andrestrasz. Located in a cave which can be found at the far end to the south of Ahn’Qiraj, a large dragon can be found sleeping in it. Andrestrasz appears to be a member of the Red Dragon flight and has been in the game for years now, however, his true purpose to this day remains unknown. Many players have speculated that Andrestrasz is kind of a memorial to somebody who worked or was close to Blizzard entertainment but so far, none of those theories have been confirmed. Others have speculated that he is just a remnant of a quest which was removed or a part of an upcoming quest, but so far, no other quests or NPCs have been connected to Andrestrasz.

4. WKM Plaque
Our fourth spot is dedicated to the mysterious WKM plaque. For those who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, the WKM plaque refers to a plaque which can be found in a secret room in Orgrimar. The secret room is located inside of a specific rock formation and inside it is a plaque with WKM written on it and a single candle in front of it. A player attempted to ask a GM about the plaque, but the GM couldn’t provide much information regarding it which makes this entire mystery all the more intriguing.

GM’s Response:
You are receiving this message in response to the help petition which you submitted regarding the gravestone with WKM on it.
I have checked around, but we also do not know. Things like this are added to WOW to be remembered by those that were involved. And there is usually little to no information about it outside of that.
If you need further assistance, please press the button “Need More Help” below. If your petition is resolved, you can close this ticket by pressing “Message Read”.
English Game Master Team


3. Telarius Voidstrider
Coming in at number three is Telarius Voidstrider. This character is specific due to him being one of the three Demon Hunters in-game prior to the release of WoW Legion expansion pack. He is located in a secret cavern which can only be accessed by dropping down a huge waterfall into a whirlpool which can be found in Darkshore. Once there, players will find the mysterious Night Elf who will yell out that the player is not of the “Dark path” and proceed to attack you. If you are a member of the horde, killing him won’t mean much to you, however, if you are a member of the alliance, Telarius will drop Writings of the Dark Herald which is an item that starts a quest. Upon completing the quest, players will learn that Telarius was trying to warn them about something and mentioned the Void, however, to this day, Blizzard has not expanded upon his dialogue or his story, thus leaving us to wonder about what Telarius exactly meant.


2. Snake Under Gundrak
If you have played WoW Wrath of the Lich King, you might have noticed that upon entering Gundrak which is one of the dungeons in Zul’Drak, you can see a huge red serpent tail moving under in a chasm. The question that immediately comes to mind is who or what does this giant red scaly tail belong to, however, the answer to that question still remains a mystery. The tail most likely belongs to a boss of a raid that was scrapped sometime during the development of WoW WotLK. The developers have commented that they add these things early in the game and then build upon them later so the owner of the tail might have never been created at all. Nevertheless, we considering that we will be spending some time on Zandalar in BFA, we might still get a chance to see the creature that this tail belongs to.


1. Upside-down Sinners
For our final spot, we have chosen to go with a very well known, but still very mysterious secret which is the Upside-down Sinners. Upside-down Sinners is a part of a larger area called Karazhan Crypts and to say that the area is creepy would be a huge understatement. It features an underwater section which is full of chains and bodies that are hung from those chains in an upside-down position, hence the name Upside-down Sinners. This area was speculated to be an unreleased part of the Karazhan raid and while we did get a chance to venture into Karazhan Crypts to obtain the Lucid Nightmare mount, what was the initial purpose of the Upside-down Sinners still remains unknown.


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