Top 5 Interesting Items Never Added World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is a huge game and just like any good MMORPG, there are many weapons, armor and items which players can collect, equip and use as they see fit, however, there are many items which never make passed the testing phases of the game and therefore, never make it into the game itself and some of them can be pretty strange and interesting. This is why in this article we will be looking at the top five interesting items which never made it into World of Warcraft. The items on this list will be listed in no particular order and the list itself is highly subjective, so keep in mind that your opinion may be different. With that out of the way, let’s get into it.


5. Water Wings
Starting things off at number five, we have an interesting pair of cloth gloves called “Water Wings” which when equipped, would increase the players swim speed. The gloves also provided the player with a new active ability called “Superleap” which would cause the player to leap forward a short amount of distance while swimming. It is not certain what these gloves were intended for, however, there is evidence which suggests that they were supposed to be used during some kind of under-water time trial quest which was scrapped at some point in development.


4. Dim Torch
Coming in at number four is the item called “Dim Torch” which was originally supposed to be crafted by players who took on the profession of Survival, however, Survival was scrapped from the game early in development and with it, all of its recipes including the Dim Torch. The Dim Torch would when used, illuminate a small area around the player for a certain amount of time which would provide better visibility. This was due to some zones like Duskwood were originally intended to be so dark that the players would need torches in order to safely navigate through them. This is probably the reason why most of the NPCs in Duskwood carry torches even today.


3. Brazie’s Gnomish Pleasure Device
This item was originally intended to be sold by an NPC who is currently in-game called Brazie Getz. Brazie Getz Is a general goods trader but some of his goods are anything than general if you catch our drift. Brazie will only deal with members of the alliance and sells items such as Brazie’s Black Book of Secrets which cost around22000 gold and consists out of five tomes in which he shares his tips and advice on dating females of all Alliance races. The pleasure device was supposed to infuse the user with 1000 megavolts of pure gnomish pleasure upon use. What the developers exactly meant by that has not been confirmed but in all honesty, if the book is anything to go by, not much is left to the imagination when it comes to this pleasure device.


2. S.N.U.R.F. Gun
This item was originally going to be implemented into the Warlords of Draenor expansion, however, for some reason, like the rest of the items on the list, it never made it passed the Beta testing phase. The item was originally intended to either provide another player with a buff or a cosmetic change when used and while there are many items in-game today that do the exact same thing, for some reason this one never made the cut. The item itself is a reference to toy Nerf guns, but other than that is a complete mystery.

1. Powerfull Smelling Salts
The top spot belongs to Powerful Smelling Salts which was originally intended to be an item that could be crafted by players who have obtained the First Aid profession. The item itself would when used, bring a player back to life with 15% of health and mana. What this item would do is essentially give players of all classes the ability to resurrect players, opposed to just healers, which is probably why the item never made it into the game. Although there is an item with similar use within the game today called “Goblin Jumper Cables” it, however, doesn’t guarantee that the player will be revived successfully and comes with a very long cooldown.

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