Top 10 BFA Battle Pets for Completing Pet World Quests

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Battle pets have become a huge aspect of World of Warcraft and Blizzard has gone a long way to make that whole aspect more interesting and more immersive for the players. One of the things that served that exact purpose was the inclusion of the Elite Battle Pet Trainers which players could challenge to pet battles and earn great rewards for beating them. Since then, every WoW expansion came with its own set of Battle Pet Trainers, so today we will be taking a look at the ten battle pets which are really good choices when going up against BFA Battle Pet Trainers.

1. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
To start things off at number one, we have decided to go with the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling which is dragon cub of the mechanical family. In order to obtain one of these, you will have to get an engineer to make it or simply buy it from the auction house.

2. Teroclaw Hatchling
Coming in close at number two is the Teroclaw Hatchling. This little bird can be acquired by looting nests which are scattered around the trees in Talador on the continent of Draenor. Alternatively, you can also purchase it from the auction house.

3. Ikky
At number three we have another little bird and in order to get your hands on it, you will have to complete a quest chain in Spires of Arak starting with The Kaliri Whisperer. You can also buy it from the auction house like both of our previous entries.

4. Direbeak Hatchling
This pet was introduced to World of Warcraft with the WoW Legion expansion along with a few more similar ones. In order to obtain the Direbeak Hatchling, players had to complete the Direbeak Swarm World Quest in Stormhime.

5. Ashmaw Cub
Halfway there at number five, we have a bear cub called the Ashmaw Cub. To obtain this pet, players were required to defeat a rare mob which can be found in a cave on the southern side of Val’sharah. To start the encounter, talk to the Ashmaw Cub in the cave.

6. Darkmoon Zeppelin
The Darkmoon Zeppelin is a mechanical pet which can be purchased at the Darkmoon Faire when it’s active in the game in exchange for 90 Darkmoon tickets. Alternatively, you can always check to auction house for one of them.

7. Dream Whelpling
This cute little green spectral dragon whelp can be captured in the Dream Grove which is a lush green location that players are teleported to after defeating the boss Xavius within the Emerald Nightmare raid.

8. Stormborne Whelpling
This little dragon is one of the more popular dragon whelpling pets and just like most of our other entries can be purchased on the auction house. However, if you are not in the mood to spend any of your hard earned gold, you can get this little guy by defeating a rare spawn within the southern part of Stormhime. After you defeat the rare mob, simply loot it to get your pet.

9. Mechanical Axebeak
This mechanical feathered friend can only be crafted by engineers, so unless you are one yourself, you will have to spend some money on the auction house if you want this pet in your collection.

10. Lil’bling
Our final spot goes to Lil’bling which although is not a very rare pet, is very useful when it comes to fighting BFA beast trainers. To get Lil’blinng, you can either buy it from the auction house or if you are lucky enough, get one from the daily Blingtron packages.

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