Things Classic Players will miss from Retail

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World of Warcraft may seem to be an easy game now if you have been playing the game from the start, but for WoW Classic first timers this might not be the case, WoW has not always been like this. From quests not showing on map to no talent inspect or 40 man raids. Here are things most people will miss from Retail :


1.Quests on mini-map

It was not until patch 3.3.0 that Blizzard decided it was a good idea to track quests on map, So you might not find quests on Classic as much as easy in Retail. You have to read quests objectives or just search the map mindlessly or you just need to know where to go. Well of course this is not true in these days( or even back then,with addons) as a quick Google search will show you where to go but it was cool to search the map or read objectives of the quests to know where to go. If you want to experience what it was truly like, don’t search for quests!

Spot the Spirit Healer

2.Spirit healers everywhere!

I don’t exactly remember when Blizzard decided it was a little unhealthy to run over a continent to reach to your dead body(Looking at you Highmountain), but I was happy about it when they added a lot more spirit healers around the world. Back in Classic and The burning Crusade death was very punishing to your time, sometimes your ghost would appear on the furthest point of a map and you had to run for more than a few minutes to reach to your corpse.Now that we are speaking about Spirit healers :

Won’t see you again in dungeons Spirit Healer!

3.Instant respawning in dungeons

This one is fairly new and it was added in 7.0 as a quality of life change, starting from Legion, when you die in a dungeon, you will be instantly respawned at the start of the dungeon. Back then you had to know where the entrance of the dungeon was to respawn and some dungeon entrance was hidden like it was a jewel in Azeroth. I still remember leaving the dungeon finder after dying in Drak’Tharon Keep. Such a fun.

4.Dungeon Finder/Group Finder

Probably the most debated feature of modern WoW, not technically modern since it was added in Wrath, Dungeon Finder. From Classic to introduction of Dungeon Finder, you had to manually search for players in major cities or anywhere to be able to start your dungeon or raid, Imagine gathering 40 players for your raid. Although it seems obvious you don’t find a full 39 strange people for your raid, as most of the guilds back then were big or had people to raid with, but from time to time you still had to find people to go to dungeons or raids with. Fun or not? It’s up to you to decide.

Xirev in Legion


I’m sure most of the players feel happy with the glorious shine of a new earned achievement, but this was not the case in Classic (And TBC). Achievements were added in Wrath of the Lich King, Like many other things in this list, And I can say for me, this one is probably the hardest one to forget. How can I forget killing a boss for the first time and BAM! New achievement or even exploring a map fully and earning that sweet achievement point.

These 5 things are surely not all things that you will probably miss, but there are quite a few of them left, like health bars required an addon to show, cheap 100% mount train, easier (but probably more boring) level up and etc. Don’t forget to checkout WoW Classic, Which is scheduled to launch at August 27.

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