Ny’alotha World First Coverage

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With the release of Ny’alotha Mythic for both Europe and the Americas, the race for World First Ny’alotha Starts today, 28th of January.

The main competitors for Ny’alotha World First Race are Method, Complexity Limit, Pieces. But this race might have some surprises in it like other World First Races.

World First Streams

Method and their members are streaming on Twitch.

Complexity Limit is currently streaming on Twitch. Complexity Limit channel Covers Pieces raid progress as well, as they are both streaming together on Complexity TV.

Aversion is also streaming on their Twitch channel.

Exorsus is also streaming on their Twitch channel.

Currently Leading

Complexity Limit is currently leading the race with 7 kills out of 12 bosses. Complexity Limit is not making a progress right now, so there is room for rivals to catch up.

Following Complexity Limit, Pieces is in the second place by killing 7 bosses out of 12. Pieces is currently leading Europe.

Method is in the third place currently with 5 kills out of 12. They are currently fighting

The last kill for Complexity Limit was made at 4:02 UTC, while Pieces’ last kill was at 11:14 UTC.

You can view Guilds Roster and compositions at Leaderboard for EU or Leaderboard for the US

Mythic Compositions & Rosters

Based on the kills recorded until now, it seems guilds love having Holy Paladins and Restoration Shamans with them. All the competitor guilds have 2 Holy Paladin with them, and many guilds have at least one Restoration Shaman. Needless to say, Restoration Shamans are known to excel power at Close and AoE Fights.

As for DPS, like other World First races Compositions, it seems like Guilds generally don’t like Melee DPS, as for most fights it was not a balance between Melee and Ranged DPS. Most guilds preferred Stacking AoE Ranged DPS classes.

No other Classes except Monk and Blood Deathknight were not seen in Top Guilds rosters, With Blood Deathknight making more appearance in Solo tank fights.

This is a live post, it will be updated as guilds make progress in World First Ny’alotha race.

Updates – Timeline

Pieces Killed Vexiona at 14:13 UTC, with that kill they are 2 bosses ahead of Method and the main rival for Complexity Limit.

Aversion and Exorsus killed The Hivemind, placing them just before Method. They are now the main rivals for Method.

Method Kills Dark Inquisitor Xanesh at 15:55 UTC, Placing them ahead of Aversion and Exorsus, while still behind Pieces and Complexity Limit.

Practice Killed The Hivemind, placing them in the same progress level as Aversion and Exorsus.

Method Killed Vexiona at 18:08 UTC, placing them near Pieces.

Aversion Killed Dark Inquisitor Xanesh at 18:20 UTC, placing them right behind Method and Pieces, and on the 3rd spot in Europe, and 4th Worldwide.

Aversion and Big Dumb Guild Killed Vexiona. They are both now at the same progress level with Pieces and Method.

Complexity Limit has killed Ra-den! This kill comes after a hotfix to Ra-den which made him even more difficult.

Complexity Limit killed Drest’agath, making them two bosses ahead of every other top guild. They Killed Drest’agath 12 seconds after the enrage marker!

Method has killed Ra-den, Making them the second guild to kill Ra-den. They are now just before Complexity Limit, and ahead of Pieces, Aversion, Exorsus, and Practice.

Alpha has taken the race by storm! Even though Europe and US had a headstart, Alpha, a Chinese Guild is now only one boss before Method (Alpha is 7/12).

Method has killed Drest’agath, making their progress 9/12.

Complexity Limit has killed Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn. They are the first guild to see N’zoth in Mythic. The race is coming to close corners with this kill.

Complexity Limit has killed Carapce of N’zoth! They are now 11/12, 2 bosses ahead of Method and Pieces. Now we can finally take a look at the secret phase of N’zoth.

Method Killed Carapce of N’zoth! Both Method and Compelixty Limit are now 11/12.

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