The Most Annoying NPCs in World of Warcraft

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We have already talked about the most annoying types of players that one might encounter while playing World of Warcraft, but players are not the only nuisance that you may face on your travels. There are many more annoyances and disturbances that you can come across in WoW and some of them come in the shape of NPCs which is why today we will be focusing the most annoying types of NPCs in World of Warcraft.

  1. The Moving Vendor

To start things off, we have chosen to go with what might be the most annoying type of NPC in the game which is the moving vendor. This type of vendor can be found pretty much in every larger city and player hub and most of us have been annoyed by them at one point or another. These are NPCs that constantly walk around the city selling their merchandise which is all good. The frustrating part starts after you talk to one of them in order to purchase or sell something, and after you open all your bags and start searching for the items that you need, they will start moving again and automatically close your bags and cancel your interaction which will cause you to start the entire transaction again. The prime example of this kind of NPC is the bread vendors such as Myra Tyrngaarde at Ironforge.

  1. Chat Spammer

This is another category of the especially annoying NPCs which we are pretty sure that most of you have encountered throughout your World of Warcraft adventures. This type of NPC is notorious for spamming the public chat channels and filling them with clutter. This combined with the frequent intervals of them spamming makes the public channels pretty much useless and forces the players to post their own messages more frequently which in turn creates even more chaos. The most notorious chat spammer that we can think of is the Shade of the Horseman which is active during the Hallow’s End World Event and spams the chat with the quotes such as “Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum! Cry for mercy; the reckoning has come!” followed by sinister laughter.

  1. Slow Escort

People who have created this kind of NPC deserve their own circle in Hell. The problem with these NPCs is the speed at which they move. More specifically, they are slower than the players running speed, but faster than the player’s walking speed. This makes every single quest of this type a nightmare, and throughout the early days of World of Warcraft, many players opted for skipping escort quests just to avoid the hassle. One of the most prominent examples of this kind of NPC is Willix the Importer and his escort quest. This quest can’t be completed anymore since it has been removed from the game with one of the WoW’s many expansions, and good riddance.

  1. Repeat Dialog

Our final entry goes to the NPCs who constantly repeat the same dialog over and over. While they are annoying for the same reason as the chat spammers, there is an extra annoying lair with this type of NPCs due to them constantly spamming the same thing. The prime example of this type is Lord Darius Crowley in the Worgen starting zone. He constantly follows the player around while leveling and yells out “We will prevail.”

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