Ten Secret Vendors In WoW

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World of Warcraft is a game full of secrets, hidden bosses, rare events and many other mysteries and it is very hard to keep track of all of them once they are discovered. In an effort to help with that problem, today we will be going over ten WoW secret vendors.

10. Cravitz Lorent
This NPC is also known as the Shady Book Dealer and can be found as a rare spawn inside of the Dalaran Swevers. He mostly sells class specific tomes, toys and junk items such as romance novels.

9. Gnaz Blunderflame and Knaz Blunderflame
These two NPCs are also known as the Gnome Bros and can be found in their little camp located in the mountainous region of the Stranglethorn Vale. They mostly sell engineering parts and rare engineering schematics.

8. Dealer Rashaad
Located in the vast regions of Netherstorm, this NPC is the go-to guy if you are looking for somebody who only sells pets. He is most famous today due to the fact that many players have been buying pets from him and reselling them on the auction house for a profit.

7. Broken Shore Vendors
These vendors are only available if you hadn’t completed the Broken Shore scenario for your faction so many players don’t know about them. Both the Horde and the Alliance representatives sell a bunch of toys, shirts and transmog items.

6. Thomas Yance
This NPC can be found patrolling a specific route inside of the dungeon called The Escape From Durnholde Keep. He patrols the path between Tarren Mill and Southshore and only sells character starting gear.

5. Rona Greenteeth
This vendor can be found in the middle of the woods on the Darkmoon Island. Rona mostly sells different kinds of meat and food items with names that suggest that the products are from various races of Azeroth which strongly implies that she might be a cannibal. She also sells potions.

4. Magnus Frostwake
Magnus is a spirit dwarf vendor who sells different schematics and recipes which are only exclusive to him. He can be located inside of a building at the entrance to the Scholomance dungeon but what makes him a secret vendor is the fact that up until recently, players weren’t able to see him without special items that allowed them to see spirits, but those items have been long removed from the game.

3. Lil Timmy
This NPC is a young boy who is a rare spawn that can occasionally spawn in Stormwind. Once he is up, he will patrol his usual route around the city asking people if they want to buy his white cat which is the only item he sells. After that, he will despawn for around four hours.

2.Mad Merchant
The Mad merchant is an incredibly rare NPC spawn who can be found within the toy district of the Legion Dalaran. He sells some of the most expensive items in the game and due to the fact that his spawn timer is completely random, not many players get a chance to trade with him.

1. Kaye Toogie
This vendor can be found under a sewer grate within the Horde part of Northrend Dalaran, however, you cant interact with this NPC unless you get to her by special means. Wormhole Generator is one of the items which will rarely give you an option to get to Kaye Toogie who sells rare engineering schematics.

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