Stormwind Horrific Vision Full Clear Solo Guide

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Here we will cover what you need to do Stormwind Horrific Vision Solo full clear in this guide to upgrade your cloak. To read the full guide and Notes on what to do, read our Horrific Visions Solo Guide.

To do a full clear you need to have at least rank 5 of Legendary Cloak, Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve. and Elite Extermination research in Titan research tree.

With Elite Extermination, you will regain 200 sanity after you kill an elite which is a great help to you. It will help you reduce the orb uses and keep you above the safe level of insanity.

Full Clear Suggested Route

to clear Stormwind Horrific Visions we suggest this route, but you can create your own route, but be sure to read what you need in order to do a full clear.

Stormwind Horrific Vision solo clear route

Notes on Route

  • First, take Yellow arrows, then Orange, after that use the portal at the green star and follow Green arrows and then go with Blue arrows.
  • Red dots represent stop points. You probably need to stop here and kill all the mobs you have aggroed so far. These are the suggested stops and if you can pull more, why not!
  • There are no orb points on the map. This is because where you use your orb depends on how fast you kill mobs, how much of your sanity has been drained and…
    • Instead, use orbs whenever you fall below the safe threshold (normally its 200-250 sanity) and you are not near an elite. fighting elites with 200 sanity is not recommended overall.
  • Use K’bab on downtimes and the best place to use them are on Corrupted and tainted areas. If you want to know full details about Horrific Vision Foods read the Horrific Vision Guide.
  • Elites are marked with a Yellow Star. If you have low sanity and you are near them, you can kill them instead of using your orb. But always stay above the safe level before fighting elites.
  1. After starting the Horrific Vision move to the entrance of the Cathedral and defeat all the mobs you pulled and the two guards. Be careful about fears and stuns.
  2. Move to the exit gate of the Cathedral and kill all the mobs you pulled. Before entering the Dwarven District you need to kill the 3 gnomes near the entrance.
  3. Plant all the 8 explosives shown on your minimap in the Dwarven District while fighting enemies in this zone. There is one elite located near bombs that you can kill with other mobs. Be careful of his cast, as it will drain your sanity.
  4. After finishing Dwarven District, move to the furthest entrance of Old Town. This way you are near the first elite and can kill it faster. Be careful about stealth mobs near the entrance and fight them before the elite if you have enough sanity, otherwise kill them altogether.
  5. Move through the zone and kill the other elite and bypass Shaw security.
  6. Shaw is stealth and you need to move around a little so he attacks you. While fighting him, Don’t look at the eyes as they will drain your sanity.
  7. You can use the portal appeared after defeating Shaw, or just walk to Trade District. It is advised to use the portal so you can use K’bab and move through the tainted area as it has a lower sanity drain.
  8. After entering Trade District go for the first elite. You can kill all the mobs and the Elite altogether if you have enough sanity. Beware of the elite cast, Agonizing Torment. If you are clearing the Horrific Vision solo you can’t avoid the sanity drain as you only have one interrupt.
  9. Defeat the second elite, Slavemaster Ul’rok. He cast a spell which pulls you toward him. During this spell run away from him. There is also a tentacle appearing that slams the ground and drains sanity if you are hit.
  10. Free captives around the zone to complete Trade District.
  11. After entering The Mage Quarter, if you have low sanity use your orb right away before mobs patrolling cause you trouble.
  12. Close portals in whatever order you want and after closing them defeat the main boss at the top of Mage Tower.
  13. Use the portal that appeared after defeating Magister Umbric, and go inside the Cathedral to defeat Alleria.
  14. She now cast all the spells of main bosses that you defeated, but only once or twice during the encounter.

Stormwind Horrific Vision Zones

These zones are in the order you enter them based on the suggested route. We will go through tips you need to do a Stormwind Horrific Vision clear.

Dwarven District

Zone TypeCorrupted Area (Medium)
ObjectivesPlant Bombs & Kill the main elite
Suggested Cloak Rank+1
Number of Elites2

Before entering this zone you need to kill 3 gnomes outside the gate connected to the tainted area.

To complete this zone you need:

  1. Plant 8 explosives around the zone. The location to plant these bombs are shown in your minimap.
  2. Detonate the Explosives
  3. Kill the main boss, Therum Deepforge.

Old Town

Zone TypeLost Area (Hard)
ObjectivesKill elites & Defeat Shaw
Suggested Cloak Rank+5
Number of Elites 3

This zone is known as the hardest zone. It is advised to enter this zone from the gate connected to Trade District. This is because you are closer to the elite and can kill it fast. Be careful of the two stealth mobs near the gate.

To complete this zone you need to:

  1. Kill two elites and obtain their key, Armsmaster Terenson and Alx’kov the Infested.
  2. Bypass Shaw’s Security
  3. Defeat Shaw.

After killing the two elites you need to Bypass Shaw’s Security. This is done by activating both monoliths, although if you are in a group you have to activate both of them at the same time by two players.

While fighting Shaw, Don’t Look at the eyes while they are casting or they will drain your sanity. He might do lot of damage so save defensive cooldowns and/or health potions.

Trade District

Zone TypeCorrupted Area (Medium)
ObjectivesDefeat Elites & Free Prisoners
Suggested Cloak Rank+1
Number of Elites 2

To complete this area you need to:

  1. Defeat Inquisitor Darkspeak
  2. Defeat Slavemaster Ul’rok
  3. Rescue 8 captives scattered around the zone

While fighting Inquisitor Darkspeak save your interrupt to interrupt his Agonizing Torment. This spell is an unavoidable sanity drain if you are clearing Stormwind horrific vision solo, so be sure to fight him with at least more than 250 sanity.

Slavemaster Ul’rok has a spell that drags you toward him. Run from him, if you get close to him during this cast you will lose sanity.

The Mage Quarter

Zone TypeLost Area (Hard)
ObjectivesClose Portals & Kill main Elite
Suggested Cloak Rank+5
Number of Elites 3

If you have low sanity while entering Mage Quarter Use your Orb after you entered this zone. There are mobs patrolling around this zone which might combat you and make you unable to use your orb.

There is an elite, Boundless Corruption who is roaming around The Mage Tower. When he starts casting Don’t stand in front of him. This spell will drain your sanity fast. You have to keep moving while fighting him.

After closing all the portals Go in Mage Tower and defeat the main boss, Magister Umbric.

To complete this zone you need to:

  1. Close 5 Portals.
  2. Defeat Magister Umbric.

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