Shadowlands Zone Preview – Bastion

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Shadowlands, World of Warcraft next expansion, is scheduled to be released before December 2020 (Probably August based on earlier expansions). The new expansion will take us to Shadowlands, which is the realm of the dead. Shadowlands has 5 zones available at launch, which in this series we will be previewing Shadowlands Zones, starting with Bastion.

Bastion zone info

Bastion is a zone located at Shadowlands and the first zone new players experience in Shadowlands. It is a level 50-52 zone with 6 story chapters. Two of the dungeons available at the start of Shadowlands are located at Bastion, The Necrotic Wake and Spires of Ascension.

Bastion Map

Shadowlands bastion zone map

Bastion Zone Preview

The first thing you will notice like any other zone is its theme. Bastion, unsurprisingly, has death related theme. This zone might remind you of Heaven because of its atmosphere and color theme, or some place for the good characters in the game that never killed low level players.

First look at bastion

The color theme of Bastion white, blue and yellow. The color theme mixed with the effects and skybox, is what makes feel the zone as it is pure of evil and like paradise for our World of Warcraft character.


Bastion zone Skybox

We have new races in Bastion zone like The Kyrians, Stewards, Centurions, The Forsworn and among them our owl-like friends the Stewards are the cutest and most pure.

The landscape is consist of mostly yellow-ish (White if you are near them) grass with tall, floating buildings and again mixed with the beautiful skybox

Bastion zone landscape

Although the described is not the only theme of the zone, as Bastion have a sudden change of scenery below its bridges and near the rivers.

Scenery near the rivers of bastion zone

This change of scenery in the start of player experience makes Bastion zone to have something to offer to visitors and in the long run reduce the repetitiveness of the zone. Although much of the bastion is dominated by the paradise looking theme and the yellow grasses, which might become less exciting after some time.

Bastion is also home to some amazing waterfalls which add to the magical theme of the zone.

Water fall and three floating buildings
Waterfalls in bastion

Eonian Archives

But our favorite spot is located at north-west of the zone named Sagehaven. Although the name Sagehaven is not shown on the map, Citadel of Loyalty and Eonian Archives is the name that is shown on the Bastion zone map.

Sagehaven, a sanctuary at the bastion zone

This place is a lot bigger than what it seems on the map and even with no objectives we got lost in it for quite some time. It is obvious that the art team put a lot of effort in creating this area and it might be one of the most beautiful places of the Shadowlands.

Unfortunately it seems not all of this area is free to roam around as some places are filled with hostile units. This area in Bastion zone had the absolute potential to be the hub for both Alliance and the Horde. It is nearly the size of Orgrimmar.

Eonian Archives inside the zone of Bastion
CItadel of Loyalty located at Bastion zone
Citadel of Loyalty from above
Citadel of Loyalty, an area in the zone of Bastion
Yes, you can jump off of the edges

We really do hope that Blizzard uses this area to its full potentials.

The Necrotic Wake

The next area that catches viewers eye is The Necrotic Wake because of the sudden change of theme and undead like area. This zone do fit the lore if you complete the chapters so its not just a random thing added. The dungeon entrance to The Necrotic Wake is also located at here.

Necrotic Wake area seen in the zone of Bastion
Necrotic Wake, located at bastion zone

Elysian Hold

And how can we forget Elysian Hold, Bastion’s Kyrian Covenant sanctuary and home. This is the place where Kyrian Covenant followers can gather and do quests and probably much more. The buildings are the tallest found on Bastion and with a view distance of 10, you can barely see it from the other end of the map.

Elysian Hold, Bastion zone covenant
Elysian Hold from above
Elysian Hold inside
Elysian Hold hallways
Elysian Hold hallways
Elysian Hold hallways
Elysian Hold end of hallway

Overall Bastion is a very artistic zone with a very relaxing zone music. The first feeling you might get is like going to Paradise in spring. Hope you enjoy this zone of Shadowlands, Bastion, as much as we enjoyed!

Bastion in one view

This preview was done thanks to Arctium Sandbox. Don’t worry! to our knowledge using this sandbox is not against WoW ToS.

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