Shadowlands – Possible WoW New Expansion Leak

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A new World of Warcraft expansion leak emerged on the internet these days. The exact leak first appeared on Reddit and got a lot of attention on it. Titled “Is this the real leak?”, the post gathered almost 4000 likes and 850 comments. Originally posted by the user Chickopenny, the post quickly appeared on the top of the /r/wow subreddit. With BlizzCon just few days away, this “possible” leak emerged at the right time.

If you want to check out the BlizzCon 2019 schedule, you can find it here.

Leaked image with Bolvar Fordragon and Shadowlands

On the leaked image we have a showcase of a possible merchandise and the print. The title of the merch products is WoW: Shadowlands, which would be the name of the new expansion. There was another leak including Shadowlands that we will cover below. On the right of the picture we have Bolvar Fordragon as the Lich King. He has a weapon holding in his hand and he is not encased inside the Frozen Throne. When Arthas was killed as the Lich King, Bolvar took over the burden as the new Lich King. He said that his purpose to the world is to be the new jailor of the damned.

Bolvar Fordragon with fiery red eyes after putting the helm of the Lich King

Red vs. Blue Essence

The weapon that he holds has red accent over it. In addition to this, his chest has the same red accent as well, peaking through the armor. On the other hand, the eyes inside the helm have blue essence instead of a red one. There is a big speculation as why are the eyes blue and not red. One user on the Reddit post said “Maybe blue eyes are a sign of the Helm’s power? Maybe a sign that Bolvar has mobilized the Scourge.”. Certainly, we know that when Bolvar acquired the helm, he had glowing red eyes even with it. Moreover, with putting the helm on, he got encased inside the Frozen Throne.

These details on the leaked image prove a possible truth in the leak.Likewise, we think that the comment from the reddit user has some truth in it. Possibly, the blue eyes are a sign that Bolvar lost control over the Scourge being kept back.

Let us know what do you think in the comments below. Do you think this is a real leak or a fake one?

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