Secrets of WoW Part 1 : Classic

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World of Warcraft is a game with lots of secret on it, but there was much more ‘Secrets’ back in Classic. The reason for that is primarily that WoW was not documented very well like nowadays, and a lot of things that was not out of reach, became a secret in Classic because not a lot of people knew about it. Some of the things here might not actually be a ‘secret’ because they were not hidden in the first place.

For the first one, let’s take a look at something that was actually a secret.A secret that nowadays can’t be counted as one because of the well documentation of WoW and how Quest tracking works.

1.Captain Sanders Hidden Treasure : This was a Quest that dropped from murlocs in Westfall, and contained a clue which was almost obvious :

If ye be readin’ this, it means that Ol’ Captain Sanders is in a watery grave. So my treasure is yours now, ye jest need to follow the clues. 
First ye need to find me footlocker. It’s probably half-buried in sand by now, along the Western Coast of Westfall near the shipwreck. There be lots of shipwrecks but only one rusty anchor on the coast. Find that anchor and you’ll find me locker! Look in there for the next clue.

The chest was on one of the islands in Western Coast of Westfall as the clue suggests. The reward for this quest is Captain Sanders’ Shirt and a Silver Bar.

This ‘Hidden Treasure’ was hard due to people had to read carefully as it was a treasure hunt style quest. This kind of quests will later evolve into something that can’t be easily solved, later on that.

2.Cortello’s Riddle : This one is also a quest and required you to solve riddles, three of them. First one was at a ship in Stranglethorn Vale and the first few lines of the quest was :

There is an ornate, well-traveled bridge
East of Deadwind and south of Redridge
Underneath there waits something for you

This would lead you to Swamp of Sorrows and later to Dustwallow Marsh with this text :

A far off land in Kalimdor awaits
Where peril has dashed hopes and fates
East of Barrens the weather is harsh
And would end at The Hinterlands.

3.Bloodsail Buccaneers : this one is actually a faction and not a quest. Some people have done it at later expansions mostly for the achievement [Insane in the Membrane] (Which was a feature not available at Classic), and the cosmetic items. This one is a little different from the last two, because it is a faction that you can still grind them today and it is hard, even harder than the other secrets here.

In Classic and TBC you only had access to the cosmetics and to have them, You had to reach friendly with The Bloodsail Buccaneers, and there was only one way to do this, killing any citizen of Booty Bay. May seem easy at first, it’s like some of the rep grinds in WoD but there is much more to it than just killing mobs. You had to kill guards and the problem with that is that they respawn fast and you can get outnumbered very soon, and they also knockback you which is not very good. There is also one other big problem and it is the fact that you will lose reputation with Booty Bay and the Goblin towns like Ratchet. There is an alternative option and it is killing pirates in Faldir’s Cove but that was not usual back then.

a full story of this in here

The reward for this faction is a set of cosmetic items. You can read more about Bloodsail Buccaneers at wowhead.

4.Shatterspear Vale : This one is actually a bit strange because it’s a zone and don’t have any reward. Shatterspear Vale was a well hidden village of trolls that you could only reach with a lot of practice and slow fall potion or spell (Or paladin’s shield). There is not much to say about it, Just watch the video of how to reach there.

More about this village

5.Hyjal : Hyjal was added back in Cataclysm expansion. But before that, this zone was completely out of reach. So players had to get creative and reach them but other means than roads. The map was empty for those who reach it, but it had fun things like a raid portal which was closed and Archimonde remains.

Archimonde remains in Hyjal

A fun bit of exploring the map and reaching to places you were not supposed to go. And it’s amazing how people actually reached there by trial and error. Watch this video to know how people reached Hyjal.

6.The Chicken quest : How did somebody found this out? It’s a little unknown,and you will know why in a minute. There is a chicken in Westfall and you have to use /chicken on it a couple of times. More than 15 times. Who thought of doing /chicken on a chicken for more than 15 times? But anyhow, Once you do it for like 15 times or more, The chicken will become friendly and gives you a quest, and after that you need to buy Special Chicken Feed from a nearby shop and use /cheers on the chicken. This will complete the quest and rewards you with a chicken pet. Well earned.
This chicken can be found in Saldean’s Farm if you want to see it for yourself.

7.Karazhan Crypts : One of the most creepy and even scary places in WoW. Karazhan Crypts is an area blocked by a gate, but that didn’t stop people from going there. With some clever tricks like dying you could bypass the gate, and what you’ll see after that… is scary.
If you turn up your ambient, you can clearly hear heartbeat sound here, and mix it with what you see it’s pretty terrifying. Piles of bones can be seen there and a lot of dead human bodies underneath water. This zone became accessible in Legion due to Lucid nightmare secret, which we will talk about in later parts.

Upside down sinners in crypts of Karazhan

That’s it for this part though there are lot of secrets remaining which we will get to them in next episode!

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