How to obtain Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros is the legendary weapon of Ragnaros himself, which players can obtain and use. What makes this weapon special, aside from looks of it, is its +30 fire resistance, damage and also a very powerful chance on hit. These things make it arguably the most powerful weapon in game (until phase 4 at least). Lets see what it takes to Obtain Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.


There is not a lot of special requirements, like reputation or such, but there is one, you need a blacksmith to craft Sulfuron Hammer for you. The real challenge is in Sulfuron Hammer itself, after obtaining it you are close to the legendary.


Crafting Sulfuron Hammer requires a lot of time to gather the materials. In short, it requires these materials :

Sulfuron Ingots

You need 8 of them, but in order to get the recipe for Sulfuron Hammer you need to get one more. so it will be 9 in total if you don’t have someone with the recipe. Sulfuron Ingots is dropped by Golemagg in Molten Core with drop rate of ~3%. Can be bought and sold in AH, prices are high though.

Dark Iron Bars

Dark Iron Bar requires 8 Dark Iron ore, and it can only be found in Blacrock Depths and Molten Core, Also can be found in maps around them too, for example Searing Gorge, but rarely and probably not in Phase 1. You need a total of 160 Dark Iron ore. Dark Iron Bar can only be smelted at the black forge which is located inside Blackrock Depths. It requires at least 230 mining skill to smelt.

The Dark Forge
Arcanite Bars

Arcanite bar requires an enchanter to transmute a Thurium Bar and an Arcane Crystal into Arcanite bar with a 48h cooldown. it can be bought and sold on AH

Essence of Fire

Dropped by fire elemtenals in max level zones (i.e Un’Goro Crater). Essence of Fire has low drop rate (~2%), it can be bought and sold on AH.

Blood of the Mountain

Mined from Dark Iron Deposits, Low drop rate. Also dropped from Molten Destroyer and Molten Giants in Molten Core. Can be bought and sold on AH.

Lava Core & Fiery Core

Dropped in Molten Core, Low drop rate though. Can be bought and sold on AH. High price.

Sulfuron Hammer

After gathering all these materials, you need a Blacksmith with the recipe to craft it for you. If you have Blacksmithing, you need to do A Binding Contract quest, to get the recipe and craft it with the gathered materials.

Eye of Sulfuras

After Crafting Sulfuron Hammer, you need to drop Eye Of Sulfuras from Ragnaros, with a drop rate of ~3%. This one is probably the hardest hitting RNG, as you can kill Ragnaros only once and its BoP, which means it can’t be sold. Few days ago, the first Eye of Sulfuras was dropped in WoW Classic.

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

After getting Eye of Sulfuras, all you need to do is click on the Eye and congratulations! You are the proud owner of Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
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