Champions of Azeroth

Champions of Azeroth is an Alliance and Horde reputation added in Battle for Azeroth, reaching revered is required for Part 1 of Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder. This faction is one of the most important factions for those who seek character progression. Reaching friendly, honored, revered will give you a quest that will increase your Heart of Azeroth  item level by 15. and a final +10 item level after these rewards. These rewards are account wide, meaning if you earn it with one of your character, all characters can use these upgrades.


Quartermaster of this Reputation is Magni Bronzebeard, and can be found in Silithus (42, 44). Taking silithus portal from Dazar’alor or Bolarus will take take you to him.


Reaching Friendly will award you with a Heart of Azeroth +15 Item level increase. You also need to be friendly with Champions of Azeroth in order to use Contract: Champions of Azeroth.

Armor (Back)

Reaching Honored will award you with a Heart of Azeroth +15 Item level increase.


Hitting revered is required for Part 1 of Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder. Reaching Revered will also award you with a Heart of Azeroth +15 Item level increase.

Armor (Head)
Armor (Chest)
Armor (Shoulder)
Armor (Head)
Armor (Tabard)

After reaching exalted, you can still work toward Paragon chest. After gaining 10,000 reputation you will be rewarded with a chest containing items and currencies.

War Resources Currency
Azerite Firework Launcher

Champions of Azeroth Paragon Progress

How to get reputation

Quick MODE
  • Doing World Quests
  • Emissaries
  • Mission tables
  • Contract: Champions of Azeroth
Detailed MODE

Like Tortollan Seekers, Champions of Azeroth is not associated with any maps. Unlike Tortollan Seekers, Champions of Azeroth does not have any quest that you can do right away. All of its quests are locked behind an event, for example your Heart of Azeroth reaching level 55.

The main source of your reputation gain with this faction will be World Quests and Emissaries. Sometimes World Quests give bonus reputation, instead of normal rewards which is very good to reach revered. You need to do the quest Uniting Kul Tiras (Alliance) or Uniting Zandalar (Horde) to unlock World Quests. Each Champion of Azeroth World Quest gives 75 reputation, and sometimes even more with bonus rewards.

Champions of Azeroth written under World Quest name

You can know what reputation a world quest gives by looking under its name.

One of the emissaries you don’t like to miss is Champions of Azeroth, considering the fact that there are not a lot of reputation sources. Emissaries require you to do 4 world quest with one faction, completing this awards you 1500 reputation with that faction. Champions of Azeroth emissaries awards Azerite Power most of the time, and shows up at least once a week.

Mission tables occasionally give missions that rewards reputation with Champions of Azeroth. You should look out for these mission as they give a good amount of reputation. You can also get Azeroth’s Tear from Island Expedition which you can turn in to Magni for 250 reputation.


  • Contract: Champions of Azeroth is a passive boost to your reputation, this item gives you a 7 day buff. While this buff lasts, doing any World Quest in Battle For Azeroth zones grants 10 reputation to Champions of Azeroth.
  • Any reputation bonus buff also help you, Reputation bonus buffs such as Darkmoon Top Hat , WHEE! and Grim Visage, …
  • Doing World Quests during World Quest Bonus Event is an excellent boost to your reputation gain.

If you are interested in earning reputation with other reps, you can read all of our reputation guides from here.

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