Armies of Legionfall

Armies of Legionfall is a reputation added in Legion. It is a neutral reputation located at Broken Shore. Reaching Revered with this faction is required for Part 1 of Legion Pathfinder.


Quartermaster of Armies of Legionfall is Warmage Kath’leen and can be found in Broken Shore after completing the Broken Shore scenario.


Armies of Legionfall does not give any rewards for friendly standing.

Cauterizing Void Shard Misc 5000 Nethershard
 Legionfall Banner Misc 4000 Nethershard
Legion Pocket Portal Toy 7500 Nethershard
Repurposed Fel Focuser Misc 7500 Nethershard
Legion Invasion Simulator Toy 25000 Nethershard
Legionfall Tabard Tabard 10000 Nethershard

Rewards a chest containing items every 10,000 reputations earned, after reaching exalted.

Order Resources Currency
Curious Coin Currency Unk
Orphaned Felbat Battle Pet Unk
General Rewards

These rewards don’t require any standing with Armies of Legionfall. You only need to unlock the quartermaster. There are more rewards but not used much since they are low item level armors. You can buy them for transmog though. These armors cost 400 Nethershard.

Technique: Glyph of Wrathguard Recipe – Inscription 2500 Nethershard
Technique: Glyph of Floating Shards Recipe – Inscription 2500 Nethershard

How to get reputation

Quick MODE
  • Doing Chapter Quests
  • Doing World Quests
  • Emissary
  • Order Hall Missions
Detailed MODE
Quests & Emissary

Broken Shore is a little bit different than other Legion zones. You need to unlock this zone by doing the opening Scenario of Broken Shore. After unlocking Broken Shore, You need to do chapter quests and World Quests to get reputation with Armies of Legionfall.

World Quests will be the main source of reputation with Armies of Legionfall after completing all the Broken Shore chapters. Dungeon World Quests award more reputation as usual. World Quests of Broken Shore rewards Legionfall War Supplies which can be turned in to complete construction of a building in Broken Shore. Turning in 100 Legionfall War Supplies will award 150 reputation with Armies of Legionfall

Armies of Legionfall Construction

Emissary Quest is a daily quest available for different factions every day. You need to complete 4 world quests of that faction to complete the quest. Emissary Quest awards 1500 reputation. Considering how fast you can complete them, don’t miss out on Armies of Legionfall Emissary quest if they are up.

Kirin Tor Emissary Quest reward gives you a choice for reputation insignia’s between all Legion reputation. You can pick Greater Legionfall Insignia for 750 reputation.

You can also acquire Legionfall Insignia from Order hall missions, this item will grant 250 reputation.


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