Argussian Reach

Argussian Reach is a reputation added to 7.3 in Legion. It is a neutral reputation located at Argus. Reaching Exalted with this faction is required to unlock Void Elf Allied race.


Quartermaster of Argussian Reach is Toraan the Revered and can be found in Argus after completing Argus opening scenario.

Formula: Chaos Shatter Recipe – Enchanting 17
Technique: Mass Mill Astral Glory Recipe – Herbalism 17
Crystalline Campfire Toy 75
Krokul Mining Pick One hand – Axe (Mining) 200
Orphaned Marsuul Battle Pet 500
Recipe: Astral Alchemist Stone Rank 2 Recipe – Alchemy 2,000
Boon of the Steadfast Shoulder Enchant 200
Krokul Flute Misc 500
Recipe: Astral Alchemist Stone Rank 3 Recipe – Alchemy 3,000
Recipe: Astral Healing Potion Rank 3 Recipe – Alchemy
Reins of the Amethyst Ruinstrider Ground Mount 10,000
Reins of the Beryl Ruinstrider Ground Mount 10,000
Reins of the Cerulean Ruinstrider Ground Mount 10,000
Reins of the Russet Ruinstrider Ground Mount
Reins of the Sable Ruinstrider Ground Mount 10,000
Reins of the Umber Ruinstrider Ground Mount 10,000
Argussian Reach Tabard Tabard 300

Rewards a chest containing items every 10,000 reputations earned, after reaching exalted.

Order Resources Currency
Curious Coin Currency Unk
Cube of Discovery Misc Unk

How to get reputation

Quick MODE
  • Doing Chapter Quests
  • Doing World Quests
  • Emissary
  • Weekly Quest
  • Order Hall Missions
Detailed MODE
Quests & Emissary

Argussian Reach and Argus were both added in Patch 7.3 of Legion. Argussian Reach is like other factions of Legion, in terms of gaining reputation.  You need to unlock this Faction and Argus by doing the opening quests of Argus. The intro quest will pop up once your character is in Dalaran.

World Quests will be the main source of reputation with Argussian Reach. Although Quests on Argus also award you with reputation, but they are not noticeable and you should do them anyways. Argussian Reach World Quests can be found in zones of Argus, Krokuun, and Mac’Aree.

Argus has 2 Weekly Quest that awards reputation with both factions of Argus. These Weekly Quests awards 1,000 reputation with Argussian Reach and Armies of the Light. Fuel of a Doomed World requires you to collect 50 Pristine Argunite which can be earned by doing several activities in Argus. Invasion Onslaught Requires you to complete 3 normal Legion Invasions in Argus.

You can also acquire Argussian Reach Insignia from Order hall missions, this item will grant 250 reputation. As a bonus reward of these missions, you can get Greater Argussian Reach Insignia  which grants 750 reputation.


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