Argent Dawn (Classic)

Argent Dawn is a neutral reputation in World of Warcraft associated with Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands. Earning reputation with this faction rewards items, such as Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn.


Argent Dawn has 3 Quartermasters, 2 of which are faction-specific and one is neutral. Argent Quartermaster Hasana (Horde), Argent Quartermaster Lightspark (Alliance), Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock (Neutral).

Enriched Manna Biscuit
60 (x5)
Pattern: Argent Boots
Recipe – Tailoring
2 20
Pattern: Dawn Treaders Recipe – Leatherworking 2 20
Plans: Girdle of the Dawn Recipe – Blacksmithing 1 20
Formula: Powerful Anti-Venom Recipe – First Aid 10
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Mana Regeneration Recipe – Enchanting 3

Argent Dawn revered rewards :

Blessed Sunfruit
60 (x5)
Blessed Sunfruit Juice Drink
60 (x5)
Plans: Gloves of the Dawn Recipe – Blacksmithing 4
Pattern: Golden Mantle of the Dawn Recipe – Leatherworking 4
Pattern: Argent Shoulders Recipe – Tailoring 4
Formula: Enchant Bracer – Healing Recipe – Enchanting 6
Arcane Mantle of the Dawn Enchant – Shoulder 9
Flame Mantle of the Dawn Enchant – Shoulder 9
Frost Mantle of the Dawn Enchant – Shoulder 9
Nature Mantle of the Dawn Enchant – Shoulder 9
Shadow Mantle of the Dawn Enchant – Shoulder 9
Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn Enchant – Shoulder 36

How to get reputation

Quick MODE
  • Killing undead mobs in Plaguelands with Argent Dawn trinkets equipped
  • Story Quests of Plaguelands
  • Doing Cauldron Quests
  • Turning in Scourgestones
Detailed MODE
Griding undead mobs

All undead mobs in Plaugelands (Eastern and Western Plaguelands) grants reputation with Argent Dawn, but up to a point. It is strongly advised to kill the mobs with an Argent Dawn trinket equipped. The most common trinket is Argent Dawn Commission, with other trinkets being Seal of the Dawn, Mark of the Champion, and Mark of the Champion.

  • Normal Mobs will give reputation up to 3,000/6,000 into friendly.
  • Elite Mobs in Plaguelands and normal mobs in Scholomance or Stratholme dungeon will give reputation up to 11,999/12,000 into honored.
  • Bosses in Scholomance and Stratholme will give reputation up to exalted.

It is advised to reach revered only by killing mobs and not questing or turning in Scourgestones. The reason for this is if you reach revered by doing quests and turning in Scourgestones, you might have a hard time reaching exalted because mobs don’t give reputation from revered to exalted. But if time does not matter for you, you can grind reputation anyway you like.

Quests & Cauldron Quests of Argent Dawn

Just like many reputations, Doing quests associated with the Argent Dawn will grant you reputation, their quests are located at Plaguelands.

There are also 4 Cauldrons in Western Plaguelands (Located at each of these 4 farms: Felstone Field, Dalson’s Tears, The Writhing Haunt and Gahrron’s Withering) that can be unlocked after doing quests in Western Plaguelands leading to The Scourge Cauldrons (Alliance) / The Scourge Cauldrons (Horde). After completing them, you need to have Vitreous Focuser which can be obtained by talking to Alchemist Arbington For the Alliance or Apothecary Dithers for the Horde. Each turn in will grant 25 reputation with the Argent Dawn.

Deatholme Cauldron, Argent Dawn


While you have an Argent Dawn trinket equipped (e.g. Argent Dawn Commission which can be obtained by doing Argent Dawn Commission quest), killing undead mobs will grant Scourgestones that can be turned in for 25 reputations. Turning in Scourgestones also give an on-use item which grants an additional 25 reputation (Argent Dawn Valor Token). Different Undeads drop different Scourgestones.

You might want to keep the Scourgestones until you reach revered with Argent Dawn, this way you can reach exalted at a faster pace.

You also need to save Argent Dawn Valor Token to acquire shoulder enchant rewards.


  • You can grind Undead mobs until you reach revered. After that, you can turn in all the Scourgestones to boost you halfway through revered.
  • Save your quests and do them once you reached revered with the Argent Dawn after almost all sources stopped giving reputation.

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