Rare Spawns of Nazjatar Part 2

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We have already covered some of the rare mobs of Nazjatar, however, there are so many of them, that one article simply wasn’t enough. This is why we are providing you with the second part of our rare spawns of Nazjatar guide. Enjoy.

This is a rare spawn that stans smack in the middle of the Coral Forest. In order to activate him, players need to kite a Colossal Sky Ray and kill it in front of him.

This elite is located in the southern part of Thoras’tal Spire. In order to summon this elite, players will first need to obtain a Prismatic Crystal and use it to charm a Muck Slug which then they have to lead to Kepwillow.

This elite can be found at the Highborne Estates near the water wall. In order to trigger him, players are required to bring a Drowned Hatchling which can be bought from Feylana the Handler who can be found in Zin-Azshari.

This elite is located near the Alathir Spire which is close to Bloodfin Village. To active him, players will be required to kite a Staghorn Reefwalker and then kill it in front of Urduu.

Scale Matriarch Gatinax
This rare mob can be found wandering around the Ashen Strand area. When killed, it will drop the Scalebrood Hydra battle pet.

Scale Matriarch Vynara
This is the second rare that can spawn instead of Scale Matriarch Gatinax.

Scale Matriarch Zodia
This is the third rare that can spawn instead of Scale Matriarch Gatinax and Scale Matriarch Vynara.

This rare murloc can spawn at Darkwater Cavern which is a cave in the Spears of Azshara. Upon death, he drops the Necrofin Tadpole battle pet.

This rare eel is located within the Forgotten Tunnel which a cave located underwater within the Spears of Azshara.

This rare can be found wandering around the Coral Forest.

Elderspawn Nalaada
This rare eel usually spawns in the eastern area of the Spears of Azshara. Upon death, Nalaada will drop the Spawn of Nalaada battle pet, but be careful when you are engaging her because she is usually surrounded by fathom rays.

Elder Unu
This makrura rare spawn is usually located in the area around Kal’methir Cital and he is usually surrounded by other makrura mobs so be careful when engaging.

This elite rare randomly spawns within a few water ponds which are located around the Ashen Strand.

Irdescent Glimmershell
This large crab elite battle pet is located in the higher areas of Dragon’s Teeth Basin and it is highly sought after due to it dropping the Pearlescent Glimmershell battle pet.

Prince Vortran
This wind revenant rare usually spends his time in the central area of the Spears of Azshara. When killed, he has a chance to drop the Stormwrath battle pet.

This shadow serpent elite can be encountered in a cavern in Shirakess Repository. When killed it drops the Shadescale toy.

Siltstalker the Packmother
This snapdragon elite usually spawns within the area of Nar’anan.

This rare is a fathom ray that can be found within the upper side of the Coral Forest. It is a very hard rare to reach and is very sought after due to it dropping the Silent Glider mount.

Toxigore the Alpha
This rare elite can spawn at various locations in Nar’anan.

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