Rare Spawns of Nazjatar Part 1

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World of Warcraft patch 8.2 is finally upon us and with it, a lot of new stuff has been introduced into the game, however, the main new thing is the two new zones with their own secrets, quests and rare spawns. Today we will be taking a look at all of the 8.2 rare spawns in the zone of Nazjartar but since there are so many, this will be done in two separate articles so enjoy the Part 1 of it.

Alga the Eyeless
This makrura rare mob can be found close to the Coral Forest area. It is surrounded by a few smaller makrura mobs and is usually in stealth, but can be seen on the minimap.

Prince Typhonus
This angry water revenant can be found at the far southern end of the Nazjatar zone. Players should be careful when engaging him due to his Frozen Wave ability. He drops the Seafury battle pet when defeated.

Shiz’narasz the Consumer
This worm elite rare can be found at different locations within the Chitterspine Caverns in the northern part of the continent. He is usually surrounded by other elite worms which makes him highly dangerous to engage.

Amethyst Spireshell
This snail rare is one of the rare mobs who have random spawn locations. He can spawn pretty much anywhere in Nazjatar and when killed he drops the Amethyst Softshell battle pet.

Daggertooth Terror
This elite can also spawn at various locations on the continent, however, since it is a piranha rare, it will always spawn inside of a pool of water. Upon death, this rare will drop Daggertooth Frenzy battle pet.

Yet another snail rare spawn that can pop up at various locations in Nazjatar. He drops the Wriggler battle pet.

This rare is a crab elite spawn that can spawn in any shallow sources of water within Nazjatar. Upon being killed, this rare will drop the Chitterspine Devourer battle pet.

Sandclaw Stoneshell
This is yet another crab rare spawn that has a chance of spawning at various locations. However, what makes this mob stand out is the fact that it has many color variations which makes it a target for hunters who wish to tame it. He drops the Glittering Diamondshell battle pet.

This rare Algan elemental can only be summoned by using the Brinestone Pickaxe. Once you have it, you can summon Avarius within the Brinestone Cove and upon defeating him, you can loot the Brinestone Algan battle pet.

Carnivorous Lasher
To summon this elite rare plant, you will need to obtain the Germinating Seed from either chests or rare creatures of Nazjartar. Once you have it, you can use it within the Coral Forest to summon the Lasher.

King Gakula
King Gakula is a Murloc elite spawn which can only be summoned if the player goes to Bloodfin Village and scares enough Bloodfin Tadpoles. After scaring too many of them, King Gakula will appear to defend the village.

This sand elemental rare has a very small chance to spawn when the player is scrying for Glimmering Chests with the Scrying Stones. When killed he will drop the Sandkeep battle pet.

Tidelord Aquantus
This water revenant can only be summoned within the Azsh’ari terrace. In order to do this, the player will need to kill all three Invokers that are attempting a summoning ritual.

Tidelord Disperius
This is the second rare water revenant that can spawn instead of the previous entry.

Tidemistress Leth’sindra
To summon this rare Naga, the player needs to walk around Deepcoil Tunnels and destroy Undisturbed Specimens. After destroying enough, Leth’sindra will appear and after being defeated, drop the Shirakess Warning Sign Toy.

This is a rare worm that can be summoned from at the Abyssal Pool by throwing in enough Chum which can be looted from the bodies of Skittering Eels. Upon death, this rare will drop the Skittering Eel battle pet.

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