Rare Pets in World of Warcraft and Their Prices

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Azeroth is a very huge world populated by many different races, animals, gods, and beings from other planets. While it is filled with all kinds of people and adventurers, sometimes, certain areas of it can make a hero feel lonely, which is why it is always a good idea to bring one of many companion pets on your journey to accompany you.

Battle pets come in many various shapes and sizes and while they are all faithful companions, some of them are rarer than the others which is why today we are on the quest to find ten of the rarest pets which you can collect in World of Warcraft. Keep in mind that this list will consist of our top picks and that your opinion may be different than ours. With that out of the way, let’s get straight into it.


10. Trecker
Starting things off at number ten, we have a cute little pet named Trecker. Trecker is a Beast type raptor hatchling and as such, it takes mitigated damage from Humanoid pet abilities and it takes extra damage from abilities of Mechanical pet type. Trecker is also a very good counter to all Flying pet types and can be obtained from Provisioner Stoutforge who is located in Boralus in exchange for 100 7th Legion Service Medals. The current value of Trecker is anywhere between 41000g and 60000g depending on the level of the pet and the realm that you play on.

9. Alarm-O-Dog
Alarm-O-Dog is another very rare pet that can be obtained from the vendor called Micro Zoox. This NPC can be found in Dun Morogh and he will trade you the pet in exchange for 3 Pristine Gizmos. The Alarm-O-Dog itself is a Mechanical type of pet and as such takes less damage from Magic pets and extra damage from Elemental abilities. It is currently worth around 160000g depending on your server.

8. Silver Pig
Coming in at number eight of our list is a tiny Critter pet called Silver Pig. As a Critter pet, the Silver pig takes extra damage from Beast type pets but in turn, takes less damage from all Elemental abilities. Unfortunately, this pet was only available on Chinese servers for the 2008 New Years celebration event and is not tradable or marketable.

7. Wicker Wraith
The seventh spot belongs to a magic pet called Wicker Wraith and while its name definitely sounds cool, don’t get ahead of yourselves because just like the Silver Pig, Wicker Wraith is not tradable or marketable. Wicker Wraith is rewarded to the player who completes the achievement called Family Battler which requires the player to complete a number of other battle pet-related achievements.

6. Leper Rat
Leper Rat is our first undead pet on the list and as such, it naturally takes less damage from all Dragonkin pets but it takes more damage from all Critter abilities. Leper Rat can be obtained from Micro Zoox in exchange for two Pristine Gizmos and is currently worth between 136000g and 145000g.

5. Filthy Slime
A Magic type of pet called Filthy Slime takes over our fifth spot it is one of the more recent pets that have been added to World of Warcraft. It is obtainable by summoning and killing a rare elite called Gol’than the Malodorous, within the dungeon of Tol Dagor. The current worth of this pet is estimated to be between 165000g and 197000g.

4. Albino Duskwatcher
The fourth spot belongs to our first Flying-type pet on the list called Albino Duskwatcher which takes extra damage from all Magic abilities but takes less damage from all Beast pets. This pet is currently worth between 118000g and 125000g and is obtainable from either Captain Klarisa in Tiragarde Sound or Captain Zen’taga in Zuldazar in exchange for 200 Seafarer’s Dubloons.

3. Spawn of Krag’wa
Spawn of Krag’wa is another pet which is obtainable as a reward for completing the achievement called Hoppin’ Sad. In order to complete this achievement and earn this Aquatic pet, the players ware required to find this pet and shoo it home at ten different locations. The Spawn of Krag’wa is currently worth between 235000g and 338000g.

2. Bucketshell
The second rarest pet on our list is another Aquatic pet called Bucketshell. Bucketshell is a crab pet that appears to be wearing a set of armor representative of the Horde faction and is owned by less than 1% of all players and is obtainable by reaching Honor Level 400. If you manage to do this, you will be able to get this pet for 500g from either Sarah the Savage, Violet Shadowmend or Legionnaire Voladis. Bucketshell is not tradable or marketable.

1. Sir Snips
Our title for the rarest pet in World of Warcraft belongs to Sir Snips which is yet another Aquatic pet. Sir Snips is a pet crab that serves as an Alliance counterpart of Bucketshell and naturally, Sir Snips is wearing a set of Alliance armor. It is obtained in the same way and from the same vendors as Bucketshell, and just like Bucketshell, it is not tradable or marketable.

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