Ragnaros and Onyxia WoW Classic World First Claimed

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It’s nearly one week after World of Warcraft Classic launch and a guild named <Apes>, Downed Ragnaros with their first pull and Onyxia with their second. Ragnaros kill comes shortly after World First Classic 60, and the interesting thing about the composition of <Apes> raid is that not all of them were level 60, as Molten core can be entered by players lower than level 60. Most of the raiders were wearing green items from professions or simply Quests. There are also not any special attunement to enter Molten Core.

<Apes> Ragnaros kill Group mostly consist of Warriors and Mages (11 Warriors, 9 Mages). They also had 12 healers (6 Paladins, 6 Priests), only one Hunter and Druid, two Rogues and four Warlocks.

You can watch the whole attempt from twitch.

Now lets take a look at World of Warcraft Vanilla Ragnaros kill.
Ragnaros was killed by <Ascent> 154 days after the release of Vanilla (on 25/4/2005) and 95 days after First boss kill (Lucifron 20/1/2005). Ragnaros survived for the longest time among end bosses to this day.

While <Ascent> Raid composition is not very clear, but it seems they had healthy number of classes except for some classes.

The huge difference

One question that will come in mind is why there is such a huge difference between WoW Classic first kill and WoW Vanilla first kill specially for a boss like Ragnaros?

World of Warcraft Vanilla was originally released on November 23, 2004 and back then it was a brand new world and experience for players. Not a lot of players knew what to do and what are the tactics for bosses.

World of Warcraft Classic Launched on August 27, 2019. 15 years after the original release, WoW changed a lot during this 15 years and players did too. Players now know what to do, what is the best strategy and things they need to do before getting into a raid.

This is not all but the most probably factors of this huge difference.


<Apes> also claimed World First for Onyxia, daughter of Deathwing. There is an attunement to Onyxia which <Apes> raiders completed after defeating Ragnaros and for this reason, the 40 man raid was not full as not all players were attuned, Which make Onyxia a little harder than Ragnaros. Their Composition had heavy class stacking, like Ragnaros, again in favor of Warriors, Mages and Priests .

You can watch Kill VoD from here.

Onyxia was originally killed by <Ruined> (or Nilbog) after 69 days of being undefeated. The reason for that is probably the unknown tactics of Onyxia, most notably the Deep Breath. Attunement also played a role in this huge difference.

With Ragnaros and Onyxia both down, all Phase 1 content World First has been claimed and <Apes> need to wait for another couple of month for new competition.

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