Premium Guide : Gold Making Part 1 : Introduction

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Every person who plays World of Warcraft wants to make gold every once in a while, some people like me, even take one step further and love gold farming whether it’s for buying WoW game time, those sweet mounts or Blizzard games or anything that requires gold!

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Lucky for you, you are reading a Gold making guide like you already didn’t know!

This guide will be exploring fast, easy and mostly risk-free methods of how you can earn that sweet gold.You might be a successful gold maker or you are totally new to gold making,we have your back with new or popular methods of gold making for those who are new or unexplored areas of gold making for those of you who are aware of the popular and current methods.

But it’s very important to know why you are making gold and what you can do with it, so without further ado let’s jump into it!

But wait, Who am I?

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I’m the writer of this article! If that didn’t surprise you, I don’t know what will. But joking aside, I’m SlimOne. Some call me Slim Shady for unknown reasons but I like to think I’m Slim Shady of gold making(One can dream)! 

I just love World of Warcraft and with that, it comes love of gold.And my love for gold made me do a lot of work for it and earn a lot and explore that area a lot.

I bought over 200$ from Blizzard game shops ranging from games, Packs and loot boxes.I don’t use gold for in-game items that much since I don’t have that much passion for transmogs(my character has a beautiful transmog and I intend not to mess with it because I have no sense of fashion.) and I only like small mounts like my name.

Some methods worked for me, Some didn’t. This will be your case if you are new too. I can’t guarantee each method I will write works for you or you will like it but I will show you everything that I found and used so you can also try like me to find which one suits you.

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Why should you farm gold?

To know why should you even farm gold, we should dive into the economy of WoW and what value WoW gold has. According to CNN, ‘World of Warcraft’s’ virtual gold is seven times more valuable than Venezuela’s real money”. This definitely doesn’t mean you can make real money out of WoW, as it is against ToS(Terms of Service) to sell WoW gold for real money and you will be banned for it.

Just look at her face

But if you can’t sell gold, Where does that number come from? To answer that let’s have a look at how WoW token works :

WoW Token Type 1 : You can buy it for 20$ or 20€ from WoW shop.It will give you ~100-200k gold(Depending on your region) at this moment once you sell it in Auction House.

WoW Token Type 2 : You can buy this for around ~100-200k gold(Depending on your region) gold at this moment,it will give you 15$ or 13€ (SadFace).


Depending on your region :

If you want to buy Type one, each USD or EUR you pay, worth ~7-9k gold.

If you want to buy Type two, each USD or EUR you get, worth 9k or 14k gold.

If you are here reading this article, You probably want to buy Type 2. So if you ever want one of those debated but sweet real money mounts, you only need two WoW tokens or Around 280k gold(US), You can even buy all of the Blizzard store just by WoW tokens without spending a single penny on them.

Or you can forget all this math and just buy in-game stuff for gold! Like this awesome Rustbolt Resistor which my hero doesn’t like because it big.

This mount cost a whooping 524,288g and can be bought only at exalted with Rustbolt

Now if you know what you want to do with all the gold you are going to farm, you need to know how to actually get them and don’t let dreams be dreams.

Hopefully when this series continues, You will get a clearer image of the economy and how to make gold super fast or super slow depending on what pace you want!

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