Possible Shadowlands Allied Race?

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Shadowlands Alpha has been only out for some weeks and there are already evidence of possible Allied Races that might be next on Shadowlands Allied Races list. Most of these “evidence” points to the races we will encounter in Covenants and this might open a new way of unlocking Allied Races.

Allied Races in Shadowlands?

First of all, let’s have a basic understanding of how WoW’s engine works.

all of WoW’s data ( spells, texts, etc. ) are stored in spreadsheet-like files such as “file.db2” and “file.dbc”. WoW’s engine feeds this data into the game and render them into the game.

ChrRaces Table

One of many tables in WoW’s data files is a table called “AlliedRace” which contains every detail about playable Allied races like their RaceID.

RaceID is a specific number for each race in the game. for example, Human’s RaceID is 1, and Orc’s RaceID is 2.

the actual speculation begins when this table received some new data with the Shadowlands alpha.

ChrRaces table for Allied Races

In Shadowlands alpha this table got 4 new entries in the new alpha build as seen below.

ChrTable Allied Race table updated in Shadowlands
Number of table's entries in patch 8.3
Number of table’s entries in patch 8.3
Number of table's entries in patch 9.0
Number of table’s entries in patch 9.0.1

by searching for the RaceID of newly added allied races in the “ChrRace” table which contains all details about every playable ( Human, Orc, etc. ) and non-playable ( Naga, Fel orc, etc. ) races in the game.

we can see that 15 which is a RaceID of one the newly added allied race is a skeleton race.

RaceID 15 detail

If we check the ModelID ( the actual model that is being rendered by the game’s engine ) of the allied race with RaceID of 15 we get a Kyrian male model.

Same goes for the rest of newly added allied races, they all got a new model. These model may not load at the time because of instability of them.

Allied race with RaceID 16 got a Necrolord model.

Allied race with RaceID 17 got a Night Fae model.

Allied race with RaceID 18 got a venthyr model.

ChrRaceRacialAbility Table

Furthermore, in ChrRaceRacialAbility table we can find all the info about racial spells, including the spell’s icon and description.

Picture below shows the entry for Will of the Forsaken from the undead race.

Undead racial info

And in this table, we can actually find our 4 newly added allied races racial spells with description and spell icon.

For example, the picture below shows the main racial spell for the Kyrian allied race.

Which surprisingly was the spell that was shown at Blizzcon which later changed it to Summon Steward.

Kyrians possible Allied race Racial in shadowlands

Allied Race Frame

Every allied race currently playable in the game has an allied race frame which shows the racial spells, their male and female models, and the required achievement to unlock the allied race.

If there is 4 new allied race they surely must have allied race frame too. if you want to see this frame you have to go to the allied race embassy in the capital city of your faction.

But we can run the below simple script ( currently addons and scripts are disabled in shadowlands alpha ) to bring up the frame.

And surprisingly there is a frame, for all of the newly added allied races. currently, all they have is two racial spells, one being the main covenant spell and somehow the second one is their covenant’s paladin specific spell.

The Following picture shows the allied race frame for Kyrians.

Kyrians in Allied race frame, Male model
Kyrians in Allied race frame, Female model

Maybe blizzard just want to use this frame as the main frame which you choose your covenant from or they are experimenting with something else.

Allied Race Confirmed?

Well, judging by viewing armor models on the Venthyr, these creature models are far from being playable and being an allied race. in fact most of the current Venthyrs in the game have their armors baked into them.

Venthyrs, possible Allied race in Shadowlands, in Armor
Venthyrs, possible Allied race in Shadowlands, in Armor

But as we saw in legion Nightbornes did not support most of the armor models and now they are a playable allied race. Only time can tell whether these races will be added as Allied race in Shadowlands or no.

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