Possible Allied Races to Lookout For in BfA

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As of 8.2: Rise of Azshara, the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth has so far added eight allied races – four for each faction. With the future of allied races at least semi-unclear, Blizzard is likely to add at least one final allied race for each side, and thankfully, there is a staggering variety to choose from based on lore, interactions and recent events surrounding the role of the said role within the expansion.

With King Mechagon defeated, the Mechagnomes are free to choose their own destiny.


It’s more than obvious why these mechanized and highly-dehumanized fellows could be perfect for the Alliance. Not only do they originate from the Gnomeregan gnomes, their innate predisposal to junkyard tinkering, their mentality towards engineering as a whole – not for profit, but for the evolution and improvement of the craft itself, and their regained trust in the races of the Alliance

Recent leaks also show a potential Tinker class. Since Mechagnomes love Junkyard Tinkering (and both sides also use it for the construction of their gadgets while on Mechagon Island), it’s certainly fitting to release them right before or during the reveal of an upcoming class that seems fitting for their race.

Gilgoblins are coming just in time for the Goblin model update!


While the Alliance is getting a gnomish allied race counterpart, their inventive and profit-seeking rivals – the goblins meet up with a peculiar race of ocean blue-tinted rebels on Nazjatar that are against the Horde’s rule. These gilgoblins are thought to be an experiment of Hobart Grapplehammer and they call themselves the Unshackled. Similarly to their Ankoan Alliance counterparts, Horde players have to grind out reputation with them to fly in BfA zones.

Since Alliance do not really interact with the gilgoblins and instead are allied with the Ankoan, it makes perfect sense for them to be added to the game as a playable race. Since both the gilgoblins and the mechagnomes are introduced in the same patch (8.2), players of both factions have had an equal time getting the reputation needed to achieve Exalted, which I assume, if they are to be added, would be the requirement necessary to unlock them.

Wowhead’s April 1st joke might soon be a reality… 

Lightbound Undead

When Calia was killed in a massacre orchestrated by Sylvanas, she was resurrected in a limbo state – between the living and the dead. An undead infused in Light, she initially planned to lead the Forsaken which wanted to return to their families. However, she was insecure of herself, wanting to spend more time to learn how to be a lightbound undead. These outcast forsaken would be a perfect addition for the Alliance, who currently do not have any post-mortem races.

With her receiving a brand new model in the 8.2.5 PTR, it’s possible that she may have mastered or at least tapped into her powers as a lightbound and is more than ready to lead the Forsaken outcasts against Sylvanas, vengeful for the bloodshed and war crimes she committed.

A badass Blood Elf is just what the Horde needs.


The San’layn are a race of vampiric blood elves in service of the Scourge. During the Battle for Azeroth War Campaign, a group of San’layn were offered to join the ranks of the Horde by Sylvanas, but in an Alliance questline, all of them alongside their leader, Blood Prince Dreven, were killed in retaliation by the player and the night elves lead by Shandris Feathermoon, due to the murder of her party.

It’s unknown whether or not there are San’layn remaining which could and would join the Horde. But the prospect of a vampiric and edgy blood elf being playable is very intriguing, even more so since the blood elves are the most popular Horde race by a mile run.

Neutral races add a whole new layer of faction division complexity.


In the early stages of the expansion, a ton of customizations for a Vulpera race were added to the PTR. These nomadic, short and furry-looking creatures are innate opportunists and survivalists, scavenging and making use of anything in their reach. They can mostly be seen in Vol’dun, although several live in Kul’tiras as pirates, but mostly hostile.

Since the vulpera do not have a certain affiliation with anyone (though it can be said they lean more towards the Horde), adding another neutral race alongside Pandaren would spice things up for sure. Since the race itself is keen on brewing potions and alchemy in-general, adding alchemy synergy can help make the Vulpera a great race for alchemists who wish to brew even more efficiently.

Did I miss any other races you would like to see added to World of Warcraft and would you like to see these races above in the game? If you have any other ideas for articles as well as topics you would like me to cover in them, don’t forget to tell me in the comments below!

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