Orgrimmar Horrific Vision Full Clear Guide

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Here we will cover what you need to do Orgrimmar Horrific Vision Solo full clear in this guide to upgrade your cloak. To read the full guide and Notes on what to do, read our Horrific Visions Solo Guide.

To do a full clear you need to have at least rank 5 of Legendary Cloak, Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve. and Elite Extermination research in the Titan research tree.

Titan research tree patch 8.3

With Elite Extermination, you will regain 200 sanity after you kill an elite which is a great help to you. It will help you reduce the orb uses and keep you above the safe level of insanity.

Full Clear Suggested Route

to clear Orgrimmar Horrific Visions we suggest this route, but you can create your own route, but be sure to read what you need in order to do a full clear.

Notes on Route

  • First, take Blue arrows, then Orange, after that use the wind totem at the green star and follow Green arrows and then go with Brown arrows.
  • Red dots represent stop points. You probably need to stop here and kill all the mobs you have aggroed so far. These are the suggested stops and if you can pull more, why not!
  • There are no orb points on the map. This is because where you use your orb depends on how fast you kill mobs, how much of your sanity has been drained and…
    • Instead, use orbs whenever you fall below the safe threshold (normally its 200-250 sanity) and you are not near an elite. fighting elites with 200 sanity is not recommended overall.
  • Use K’bab on downtimes and the best place to use them are on Corrupted and tainted areas. If you want to know full details about Horrific Vision Foods read the Horrific Vision Guide.
  • Elites are marked with a Yellow Star. If you have low sanity and you are near them, you can kill them instead of using your orb. But always stay above the safe level before fighting elites.

Orgrimmar Horrific Vision solo clear route
  1. First, follow the blue arrows until you reach the first red dot (Two guards). Kill all the mobs you pulled. Go from the right side to avoid pulling too many mobs.
  2. Follow the path until you reach the first Corrupted Zone. Kill all the mobs you pulled.
  3. Kill the elite near Garona, and then talk to her and wait for her to wake up.
  4. Follow the path and remove obstacles from the shops to your side. Keep an eye on Garona and help her defeat enemies that come out of the shops.
  5. Kill the main boss of the zone and move to the Lost area.
  6. Upon entering the lost zone and moving through the tunnel, Kill Misha.
  7. Follow the arrow and kill enemies before and after the bridge, and move to the main boss, Rexxar, and defeat him.
  8. After defeating Rexxar use the wind totem marked with the green star in the map.
  9. After returning to the tainted area, move to the left, the second Corrupted Zone.
  10. After entering the Zone, help Zekhan and kill every mob you pulled.
  11. Move to the entrance of the cave and kill the elite.
  12. Move through the path and click on totems to set our allies free.
  13. After using all totems, kill the main boss of the zone.
  14. Move with the brown arrows until you reach the last Lost Area. After moving in, there is a mob fighting with one friendly mob, damage him until you take aggro and move to the other adds.
  15. Move to the Taurens Auction House and kill the elite there. After that, fill the objective bar by killing enemies in the zone.
  16. Kill the main boss of the area after filling the objective bar. Use the wind totem marked with the green start.
  17. After returning to the tainted area, move to the Warchief’s building and defeat Thrall.

Orgrimmar Horrific Vision Zones

These zones are in the order you enter them based on the suggested route. We will go through tips you need to do the Orgrimmar Horrific Vision clear.

The Drag

Zone TypeCorrupted Area (Medium)
ObjectivesHelp Garona & Kill the main elite
Suggested Cloak Rank+1
Number of Elites2

To complete this zone you need:

  1. Kill Annihilator Lak’hal Upon entering the zone.
  2. Speak with Garona. She will wake up after doing step one.
  3. Check Buildings for Survivors
  4. Defeat Inquisitor Gnshal

Valley of Honor

Zone TypeLost Area (Hard)
ObjectivesKill elites & Defeat Rexxar
Suggested Cloak Rank+5
Number of Elites 3

To complete this zone you need to:

  1. Defeat Elites in the way (Optional)
  2. Defeat Rexxar

There are two elites in the way, although you can avoid one of them, you will defeat them anyway.

The fight with Rexxar is intense and you should fight him with defensive and offensive cooldowns. He will summon 4 pets which will deal heavy damage alongside Rexxar and drain your sanity.

Valley of Spirits

Zone TypeCorrupted Area (Medium)
ObjectivesFree Prisoners & Defeat the main boss
Suggested Cloak Rank+1
Number of Elites 2

To complete this area you need to:

  1. Assis Zekhan
  2. Defeat Decimator Shiq’voth
  3. Enter the Valley of Spirits
  4. Zor Lonetree Freed
  5. Witch Doctor Umbu Freed
  6. Terga Earthbreaker Freed
  7. Sian’tsu Freed
  8. Defeat Oblivion Elemental

Valley of Wisdom

Zone TypeLost Area (Hard)
ObjectivesKill enemies & Defeat the main boss
Suggested Cloak Rank+5
Number of Elites 3

To complete this zone you need to:

  1. Defeat enemies in the Valley of Wisdom (Progress Bar)
  2. Defeat Vez’okk the Lightless

Upon entering this zone, a progress bar will appear to your right (If quests are showing). To fill this progress bar you need to kill enemies around this zone. There are two elites present in the zone, one at the leftmost side of the zone and the other in the rightmost side of the zone. Each elite will fill 25% of the progress bar. After filling the bar, Vez’okk will spawn and you can kill him.

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