Memories of Azeroth – Why They are Iconic

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Memories of Azeroth is a special 3 Wing raid available for World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary. This raid consists of epic encounters from Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lichking, and Cataclysm. But let’s see what Blizzard chose these encounters.

Burning Crusade

The encounters available from the Burning Crusade in Memories of Azeroth are Lady Vashj, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Archimonde. Let’s take a look at how to defeat them and what makes them Iconic.

Lady Vashj

This fight starts from 50% of her health and in order to finish the fight, you need to bring her to 25%. All the things you need to do is to move her out of the poison and out-heal the root damage.

Lady Vashj is the final boss in Serpentshrine Cavern. She was said to be unkillable until she was nerfed, and she is listed as one of the “impossible” bosses to do. Nihilum reportedly killed her and she respawned immediately, but many think it was an exploit. Nihilum got their first legit kill on 09/06/2007. Lady Vashj was alive for 73 days.

Kael’thas Sunstrider

Kael’thas fight starts from 50% and you need to bring him down to 30% to end the fight. Kill the phoenixes and then kill the eggs, otherwise, they will hatch again. After that burst Kael’thas down.

Kael’thas is also one of those bosses that could not be killed before nerfed. He was so infamous for his hard fight that Engadget once wrote:

“If someone made a t-shirt with the classic phrase “work is a four-letter word” and replaced “work” with “Kael,” I would quickly buy two shirts.

Kael’thas main problem was the threat that he gathered on healers. During phases 1, 2, and 3 he gathered threat on healers and when he was attackable in phase 4, he would instantly attack healers and kill them. Back then bosses couldn’t be taunted. So the hotfix addressed that.

Kael’thas now wipes threat before engaging players in phase 4.


Archimonde starts at 50% and you need to bring him down to 25%. Keep moving him out of the fire and…survive? Don’t forget to use the special action bar button to survive the fall.

Archimonde was one of the hardest encounters of TBC that didn’t require much nerfing. Your group had to be coordinated, even one untimely death could lead to a wipe. Although he was not alive for a long time (26 days), but he sure was a hard fight. And as someone mentioned it here :

If you love your children…. then I suggest not fighting this boss.
This is the reason…

Wrath of the Lichking

The encounters included from Wrath of the Lichking in Memories of Azeroth are Heigan the Unclean, Anub’arak, and Lich king himself.

Heigan the Unclean

Heigan starts at 64% health and you need to bring him down to 35%. You just need to dance to avoid getting hit by his slimes and burst him when he is attackable.

Heigan Dance pattern, a boss in Memories of Azeroth.

Naxxrammas returned in Wrath of the Lichking, same as Vanilla, Kel’thuzad as the last boss. Heigan was not an undefeatable boss or an impossible boss by any means, in fact, he only lived for one day. The Iconic thing about his fight was… dancing? He is considered as one of the unique boss fights of WoW.


Anub’Arak starts at 75% and you need to bring him down to 50%. When he submerges, he will start chasing someone. All you need to do is to bring him to the ice, and he will be stunned. You also need to kill mobs he summons.

The raid itself was not very liked, and the reason for that can be a lack of trash mobs and limited attempts on Heroic mode. He was alive for 7 days.

Lich king

Lich king probably starts at 50% and you need to bring him down to 25%. The most important thing to do is move out of defile. Don’t use any movement speed altering effect and simply move out of defile. Spread away and kill Valkyries fast.

Lich king on the Throne.

Lichking was alive for 46 days due to limited attempt, and every week you got a 5% buff, up until 30%. He was slightly over-tuned for this reason. The fight itself was very iconic, and the character of course. And there this fight was very famous because of Saronite Bomb exploit that got Ensidia guild banned.


The encounters included from Cataclysm in Memories of Azeroth are Cho’gall, Nefarian, and Ragnaros.


The fight starts from 35% and you need to bring Cho’gall to 10% to end the encounter. Try not to look at your allies to avoid filling the corruption bar.

He was the hardest fight on Bastion of Twilight raid. He was probably iconic because of his quote: “Behold the might of the Hammer! (Stop. Hammer time!)”. This quote is a reference to the Hammerfall band and MC Hammer “Can’t touch this” song.


This fight starts at 75% health and you need to bring Nefarian down to 65%. When the lava comes up, go on a platform and kill mobs. The fight is pretty easy and straightforward.

Some bosses just can’t stay dead, and Nefarian is one of them. Nefarian stayed alive for 27 days. He changed his name to Nerfarian after he received 7-8 nerfs.


Ragnaros starts at 50% and you need to bring him to 35% to end the fight. Start the fight on the left side of the platform and move to the right side when the molten seeds dropped. Dodge his hammer and kill adds.

Ragnaros is also one of those bosses that just couldn’t stay dead. He was alive for 14 days and he was subject to a lot of bug fixes. Molten Core Ragnaros fight is considered one of the best boss fights of World of Warcraft.

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