Lore Sundays: Turalyon

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Happy Sunday lore lovers!
Today we will go through the mysterious life of General Turalyon. Make sure you check our article from last Sunday here if you didn’t already.

Turalyon is a famous paladin of the Alliance and one of the first Knights of the Silver Hand. He served the army with distinction during and after the Second War. Turalyon was also second in command to Lord Anduin Lothar during the Second War.

Turalyon’s Early Days

Ever since he was a boy, Turalyon believed in the power of the Holy Light. At early age, he joined the ranks of priesthood of Lordaeron. At that time, he fell under the guidance of Uther, knight of Lordaeron. He was also a cleric apprentice of the Archbishop Alonsus. Turalyon strongly believed in the Holy Light, but was never able to see its full potential.

Turalyon as a paladin
Turalyon as a paladin.
(artwork by sorrowofdestiny)

He was really devoted to the priesthood and studied the ways of the Light. He was working hard and really gave everything to help and aid the wounded as a priest. During troubled times of the Second War, his efforts and bravery were noticed. He rallied the Council of Seven Nations and urged them to form the Alliance of Lordaeron. Later on in his life, Turalyon joined the ranks of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

Knights of the Silver Hand

Although he was a priest, he was very skilled and fearsome warrior and could fight well. Easily, he could match the skills of the knights at that time. Later on his life, he was hand picked as one of the first five Knights of the Silver Hand. The Archbishop, Alonsus Faol, picked him along with four other. His menthor, Uther the Lightbringer, Tirion Fordring, Saidan and Gavinrad the Dire were the rest of the knights.

Knights of the Silver Hand - Uther, Tirion, Saidan, Turalyon
Knights of the Silver Hand – Uther, Tirion, Saidan, Turalyon
(artwork by Jiangfeng Feng)

These five knights were tasked with serious duty along the way. At the time they were tasked with assisting Lord Anduin Lothar and Khadgar. They were organizing defense of Lordaeron against the Horde pushing forward. What happened then left Turalyon shocked and very much confused. Lord Anduin Lothar appointed Turalyon as his lieutenant. This was a decision that made him uncertain and question his worth even more…

Make sure to tune in with us next Sunday and see the rest of Turalyon’s story.

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