Lore Sundays: The Ashbringer

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My son, there will come a day when you will command the Ashbringer, and with it mete out justice across this land. I have no doubt that when that day finally comes, you will bring pride to our people, and that Lordaeron will be a better place because of you. But, my son, that day is not today.

Alexandros Mograine

The Ashbringer is a powerful legendary sword named for its ability to lay waste on the undead and leave nothing but ash in its wake. It shares the name with its original wielder, Alexandros Mograine known as The Ashbringer.

With a legendary weapon comes a legendary story, and this is the story of The Ashbringer.

The Second War, which is know as the second Great War, was a major conflict that took place in the Eastern Kingdoms four years after the opening of the Dark Portal, between the Hordes and the Alliance. The Second War was a period of many battles, one of which including the Siege of Blackrock Spire.

The Siege of Blackrock Spire
Image taken from World of Warcraft comics

The Siege of Blackrock Spire was one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the Second War between the Alliance and the Horde, surrounding the location of Blackrock Mountain in the Burning Steppes. Occuring around seven years after the opening of the Dark Portal, the battle saw the two factions clash for the ultimate mastery of the Eastern Kingdoms.

The outcome of this battle was the victory of the Alliance, greatly aided by the Knights of the Silver Hand and their commander, Alexandros Mograine.

Alexandros Mograine
(Image part of the Trading Card Game collection)

Alexandros Mograine at that time was the Commander of the Knights of the Silver Hand and later on he was one of the leaders.

At the time of the battle, Mograine witnessed an orcish warlock channeling magic through a dark orb. In the aftermath, after the warlock’s death, Mograine decided he could claim the orb for the Alliance and gain it’s power but upon touching it, his hand was badly mangled and looked like one of an undead. Though describing the orb as the “living embodiment of shadow”, he was still curious as to what power it might hold and kept it in an iron chest.

Mograine kept the orb a secret for around ten years until the Scourge reached Lordaeron. He revealed it to several other members of the SIlver Hand, suggesting that they search for the orb’s polar opposite – a manifestation of the Holy Light itself, to be used against the undead invasion.

It was decided that the dark orb should be destroyed and few of the present Paladins and Priests channeled a holy light at the orb trying to destroy it. Unexpectedly, the dark orb absorbed the spell and became its antithesis, the very crystal of pure light that Mograine suggested moments before, and it even restored life to his mangled hand.

It was decided that from this crystal a weapon would be forged that would smite the undead with such power that only a cloud of ash would remain in its wake – The Ashbringer.

The Ashbringer
(Image part of the Trading Card Game collection)

Under the command of Saidan Dathrohan, Mograine travelled to Ironforge to ask King Magni Bronzebeard to forge the mighty blade. Magni, having only just learned of his brother’s demise, was more than willing to craft a weapon to battle the undead, and described it as the greatest creation wrought by his hand.

Magni forged the sword in the Great Anvil, hoping that the sword will be used to avenge his brother Muradin, whom he believed had been killed by the Scourge.

Alexandros Mograine wielding Ashbringer
(art by Toniwashingtonart on Deviantart)

Alexandros Mograine was eventually appointed as the Highlord of the Knights of the Silver Hand and the Ashbringer was the order’s greatest weapon meaning that Mograine is now the wielder of the Ashbringer thus getting the nickname Highlord Mograine – The Ashbringer.

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