Ra-den – Early Life: Lore Sundays

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Now that Ny’alotha is released, you may ask yourself who is Ra-den. Well, he is a boss in that raid of course, but what about his background? In this article you will learn who actually Ra-den is and what’s the lore behind him. His background is very unusual and I bet you don’t know it yet. In just 10 minutes of reading, you will know everything about Ra-den, bear with me.

Ra-den the Highkeeper

Well first of all, his name is Ra and in his early life he was titled the Highkeeper. Ra-den was a titanic watcher who was charged to watch over some parts of Azeroth. Those parts would be later known as Pandaria, Uldum and Ahn’Qiraj. He, as the other watchers was tasked to watch over these parts and had their titan-forged army. Ra bestowed life on the Mogu, which called him Ra-den which translates to “Master Ra” in their language.

Ra-den the Highkeeper
Ra-den the Highkeeper
(artwork by Blizzard – Hearthstone)

The Mogu were enemies of the Pandaren, but Ra-den’s followers were actually Pandaria’s defenders. Just like the other watchers, Ra-den was empowered by Aman’Thul, the Highfather of the Panthenon. He was also entrusted with a powerful artifact called The Fist of Ra-den. Using this artifact, he bestowed life to the Mogu and fought the Black Empire with it.

Ra-den's titan-forged - the Mogu
Ra-den’s titan-forged – the Mogu
(artist unknown)

The Storm Keeper

Despite of the weapon, Ra-den had other powers as well. He had the power to use lightning, from which he was often referred as The Storm. His Mogu often called him “The Storm Keeper” and “The Storm God”.

After the Old Gods were defeated and imprisoned, Ra-den continued to carry out various tasks on Azeroth. He and the other titan-forged were tasked to install two powerful artifacts on Azeroth. On his way, he discovered the old god Y’shaarj’s monstrous heart and his remnants. He decided to seal these in underground vault later known as Vault of Y’shaarj.

Aman'THul, the Highfather of the Pantheon
Aman’THul, the Highfather of the Pantheon
(picture taken from Warcraft cinematics)

One day the titanic watchers felt great change of power and a surge of memories washed over them. Concerned, the watchers sent a message to the Panthenon but never received a reply. After a long time, Ra-den realized that this is actually the very last of Panthenon’s spirits. Eventually realizing that the titan Sargeras has slain his brethren. He struggled to accept the death of the Panthenon for a long period.

Carefully extracting the last of Aman’Thul’s power, he stored it in a mountain vault near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Shortly after, depressed by the recent events, he retreated to the catacombs beneath the land. Giving up of his tasks protecting the land, he left his Mogu followers to do the job.

The Mogu continued to serve their lord for a long period after this. Even despite that Ra-den fell mysteriously silent and gave up from his protection on Azeroth.

Stay tuned for the next Lore Sundays if you want to see the rest of Ra-den’s life and lore. Until then, make sure you take a look at the last boss of Ny’alotha and his lore, N’Zoth.

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