Lore Sundays: Onyxia

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Hello precious murlocs who enjoy World of Warcraft Lore. If you haven’t already, make sure you check the last week’s Lore Sundays article. I ensure you that you will have lots of fun reading it. It is also connected with today’s article in a way.

For today, we have another piece that will fill your knowledge with some interesting lore things. Since WoW Classic was launched, we do pay more attention on its part in the lore series.

We have a famous raid boss that many of the Classic players already did and will encounter. Today, we are writing about Onyxia.

Early Life

Onyxia is the daughter of the well known black dragon, Deathwing and his consort Sintharia. She also has a twin brother called Nefarian. She, as well as her father and brother, had a human guise.

Shortly after Deathwing’s departure, Onyxia and her brother were charged over something. Deathwing commanded them to secure the orcs of Blackrock Spire as their new force. Both of them agreed and shortly after, finished the task. Onyxia and her twin brother led her brethren against the orcs that was followed by a victory. Her brother, Nefarian, claimed Blackrock spire as his current eyrie. They subverted the remaining orcs and ensnared the black dragons that were not already under their control.

Onyxia in her dragon form
(artwork from WoW Trading Card Game)

Onyxia became one of Nefarian’s mightiest supporters. A clever, highly intelligent dragon, she delights in corrupting the mortal races by meddling in their political affairs. She greatly aided him in the already successful mission at Blackrock Spire. Onyxia also aided Nefarian with the orchestration of their human personas. This, of course, was a part of a bigger plan she had in mind. The plan towards replenishing the black dragonflight.

Onyxia’s Human Form

Her human form is a female called Lady Katrana Prestor. For many years, she was one of the highest nobles in Stormwind. She was also present during the coronation of King Varian Wrynn.

Being the intelligent dragon that she is, her influence was working very well towards her end goal. Her charm and power were used to influence every political matter that she encountered. For a long time, she prevented the people from sending the much needed aid to the Burning Steppes. Of course this was all of the plan as her brother had a great power there already.

Onyxia in her human form as Katrana Prestor
(artwork from WoW Trading Card Game)

As Stormwind was razed by the Horde shortly after the second war, the reconstruction took place. Big part in the reconstruction was played by the Stonemasons guild. With them having a great leader in charge, the reconstruction was swift and done in no time. Even after spending years to rebuild the glorious city, the Stonemasons were not paid. Lady Prestor had her fingers into both sides of the parties. On the other side, she advised the nobels not to pay the guild for reconstructing the city. But on the other side, she sided with the guild to seek justice for that.

Taking Two Sides

She was slowly building up tension between the both sides and continued to support them. This escalated into a big conflict and riots in Stormwind. The riots led to a brutal murder of King Varian’s wife, Tiffin, which was exactly what Onyxia needed. Varian entered a depression after the death of his wife, which Onyxia used to her advantage. With Varian’s mind being already poisoned, she used a foul sorcery to poison his mind even more and eventually control him. She was doing this over a longer period while politically outmaneuvering him too.

This was going good for her and her final goal where she would become a ruler of Stormwind…

Stay tuned for more lore coming in next Sunday, the second part about Onyxia.

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