Lore Sundays: Onyxia (part 2)

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Hello Murlocs, hope everyone has a great Sunday. This time we’re gonna continue with the story about Lady Prestor – Onyxia. If you ask me, I would say it’s a perfect idea to finish off the week with an interesting lore article.

You can find the first part published last week here if you didn’t read it already. I encourage you to do so!

Taking Two Sides

Over the time, Onyxia increasingly lost control over king Varian. After the third war, Varian began his journey to Theramor Isle on a meeting. Even after Onyxia – or Lady Prestor’s objections, he still journeyed to Theramore.

Frustrated that she was losing grip over the king, Katrana made a deal with the Defias. She told them about the king’s journey and paid them to kidnap him. The Defias’ first attempt failed but they succeeded on the second. Varian was brought to a remote island where Onyxia was awaiting him.

Lo’Gosh (left) and Varian (right) after being split by Onyxia
(artwork taken from World of Warcraft comics)

The black dragon started a ritual where she would split Varian into two and change his personalities. The plan was to kill his strong part called Lo’Gosh, and to use his other broken part. With Onyxia’s grip on the king and his strong part broken, she would hold great powers in the kingdom.

Upon splitting Varian into two, Onyxia encountered some difficulties. She was attacked by the Naga and Varian fell into the ocean and was never seen again. His other part, Lo’Gosh, was left there and tricked Onyxia that she had killed him.

Pleased, Onyxia departed for Stormwind before more of the Naga came.

Back to Stormwind

After the king was missing, Stormwind was in a state of chaos. With the king now gone and presumed dead, Onyxia had other plans in mind. Soon after, Varian’s son, young Anduin, was appointed as the king of Stormwind with Onyxia’s human form as his royal councilor. Highlord Bolvar Fordragon acted as a Regent Lord of Stormwind. He was also the Supreme Commander of Stormwind’s forces on behalf of King Anduin.

Onyxia gained control over Highlord Bolvar Fordragon through the use of Drakefire Amulet. Being the king’s councilor and having control over the supreme commander was a perfect situation for the dragon. Over a short timespan, she politically maneuvered both of them in different situations. Whenever Stormwind’s aid was needed, it was not provided. Every decline of Stormwind’s assistance was because of Onyxia.

Lady Prestor Revealed

Some time later, a massive ceremony was held in Stormwind to welcome their king, Varian. Onyxia found out that both Varian and Lo’Gosh are alive. With Varian coming back to Stormwind, his other part was a threat. Onyxia hired assassins and sent them after Lo’Gosh. Unfortunately, the assassins failed to dispatch Lo’Gosh and he was on his way to Stormwind.

With Varian already back, he took his place as king of Stormwind. However, he was different than before and was only interested in spending people’s money. The other affairs of Stormwind were left to the royal councilor, Lady Prestor.

Lady Prestor transforming into dragon after being revealed
(artwork taken from World of Warcraft comics)

Eventually, Lo’Gosh arrived in Stormwind after few failed assassinations. Lady Prestor immediately ordered him to be arrested and executed but failed to do so. Lo’Gosh and some other characters who were accompanying him entered the royal keep. Even Lady Jaina Proudmoore went there and had evidence about Onyxia.

With all of them being there, Lady Prestor was finally confronted. It was revealed that she is the one behind the kidnapping of the king and that she is a dragon. Revealing her dragon form, Onyxia transformed some guards into her own kin and a big battle emerged. During the battle, Onyxia took Varian’s son, Anduin and teleported themselves into her lair. Before leaving the keep, she taunted Varian and Lo’Gosh to meet her there.

Onyxia’s Lair

The black dragon took Anduin and stationed herself into her lair. Lots of whelps were accompanying her and defending the lair. Back in Stormwind, both Varian and Lo’Gosh stated that there’s gonna be a final battle in Onyxia’s Lair.

Both of the Varians entered her lair leading a massive attack. They along with Stormwind’s soldiers started slashing through Onyxia’s dragonspawns. Eventually they encountered the brood mother herself, with Anduin imprisoned under her iron grip. Lo’Gosh threw a knife at Onyxia’s claw and she released Anduin. Before falling to his death, he was caught by one of Lo’Gosh’s followers.

Varian and Anduin back in Stormwind with Onyxia’s decapitated head
(artwork taken from World of Warcarft comics, by Ludo Lullabi and Konstantin Turovec)

With Anduin out of the way, the battle continued on. Onyxia, furious that she was losing the battle, started to cast a spell. It was the same spell she used to split Varian into two and kill Lo’Gosh. Before hitting Lo’Gosh, both of them stood in the way of the spell. The magic spell became disrupted by having two Varians in the spell and ended up merging both of them into one again. After moment of silence, Varian swiftly reached Onyxia’s head and decapitated her.

With Onyxia dead, Varian reunited with his son and friends. Telling them their long and noble deeds would be rewarded and Stormwind has been reborn with a new hope for the future.

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