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In just two days from now, the patch Visions of N’Zoth will be out. Before that happens, you have the opportunity to learn more about this Old God himself. His lore is dark and mysterious, it was almost unknown. With the new patch, N’Zoth is finally free out of his prison.

The Old Gods are evil horrors created by the Void Lords in order to corrupt different worlds. These evil creatures are giant mountains of flesh and spread like cancer through the worlds they corrupt. There are four Old Gods, Y’Shaarj, C’Thun, Yogg-Saron and N’Zoth being one of them. They also ruled the planet of Azeroth during it’s primordial age. During those times, they would form the so called Black Empire.

The Black Empire

During the days of the Black Empire, N’Zoth controlled a vast territory in Kalimdor. The other Old Gods had their fair share as well at these times. What’s unusual about the Old Gods is that they formed the Black Empire together, but they were at war. Not at war against a common enemy, but at war against themselves. Shortly after corrupting Azeroth, the Old Gods enslaved the Elemental Lords that were once roaming those lands. The Elemental Lords joined their forces and fought back at the horrors. Despite being very powerful, they couldn’t defeat the mighty Old Gods.

The Black Empire old gods n'zoth
The Black Empire
(artwork by Peter Lee)

Without any force left to counter the Old Gods, Azeroth was left into abyss and suffering. During a journey through the cosmos, the titans eventually made their way to Azeroth. Upon arriving, they encountered the elemental lords vowing to fight them off in the name of their horrific masters. As a response to this, the titans created a mighty army called the titan-forged. This army eventually defeated the Elemental Lords and sealed them within the Elemental Plane.

The army eventually made their way to the Old Gods but wasn’t strong enough for their might. Thus, Aman’Thul, the Highfather himself reached down from the skies to Azeroth. He lifted Y’Shaarj from the surface of the world and instantly ripping him apart. By doing so, the lifeblood of Azeroth rushed to the surface as a great wound, known as the Well of Eternity. It was then when the titans decided that the Old Gods have to be imprisoned within the world of Azeroth.

N’Zoth Imprisoned

The titans tasked their titan-forged army in doing so, so they won’t damage Azeroth. The task to contain the Old Gods was long and brutal, but eventually they succeeded in doing so. They were contained below the surface of the world.

N'Zoth and his territory from the Black Empire
N’Zoth and his territory from the Black Empire
(artwork by Joseph Lacroix)

N’Zoth was the first one to be sealed in an underground prison. Imprisoned in a similar way as the other two of his kind. Although it wasn’t know where, it was believed that he was imprisoned deep below Azeroth’s oceans. His location was presumed to be between the Well of Eternity and where Uldaman was later build. It was the territory where he was once ruling upon arriving on Azeroth.

For a long time, he remained elusive and was largely a mystery. He remained the last of his kind to yet be encountered. Despite being imprisoned beneath the deepest waters, he still had powers in changing the events of the world and manipulating others. Even that he was imprisoned, he still held great power and had other plans.

Cinematics where N’Zoth contacts Azshara
(Warbringers: Azshara cinematics by Blizzard)

In a recent event, the Well of Eternity collapsed around Queen Azshara and her Highborne. She was powerless as water crushed her palace and submerged her palace and her people under the water. While being underwater, queen Azshara was somehow kept alive for a longer period. A small fish with strange red eyes appeared in front of her and started whispering her. Later it revealed to her that the fish is actually the Old God himself, N’Zoth. Offering her visions of the Black Empire, he offered to save her and her people in exchange of becoming a servant. The queen said she would not become a servant but a ruler by his side. By accepting the offer, N’Zoth proceeded and “saved” her and her people by transforming them into the Naga.

N’Zoth Released From His Prison

A millenia later, he and his queen started reigning and corrupting the lands. Sending both forces of their armies, they would be soon rising to the true power. Soon enough, Queen Azshara was to be encountered by the Alliance and Horde forces.

Upon arriving to Nazjatar, brave adventurers reached the Eternal Palace. It was there from where the Queen was ruling her forces. After Azshara was informed that her enemy’s fleets reached her, she was contacted by N’Zoth. The Old God reached out to her and she commented on it’s imprisonment and told it not to worry about. Later on, Azshara was encountered and defeated in her palace. Thought defeated, she was successful in breaking the chains that held N’Zoth bound to his prison.

The Old God N'Zoth
The Old God N’Zoth
(artist unknown)

After fleeing from his prison, the Old God rescued Azshara from being killed by Lor’themar Theron and Lady Jaina and vanished. Before vanishing, the Old God declared that “All eyes shall be opened.”

The events in the Eternal Palace have set the stage for the Old God’s release from his titan prison. Ny’alotha, the Sleeping City has finally awakened. Now under N’Zoth’s command, the armies of the Black Empire threaten to corrupt and reshape the world once again with the master’s vision.

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