Lore Sundays: Doom Lord Kazzak

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As his title stands now, Doom Lord Kazzak is a powerful doomguard commander. Once patrolling the world of Azeroth, the doomguard is responsible for reopening of the Dark Portal. But not just that, he is also known as the right hand of Kil’jaeden.

With WoW Classic’s Phase 2 launched few days ago, Lord Kazzak was introduced to the players. In-game, he is a world boss that many heroes will try to conquer. Tune in as now is the perfect moment for you to learn more about Kazzak.

Kazzak in Azeroth

The powerful Doomguard Kazzak was one of Archimonde’s most trusted lieutenants during the Third War. He is also known as the right hand of Kil’jaeden due to his service. As proclaimed, he is also the Lord of the Doomguard demons. Right before the defeat, Archimonde left his blade in Kazzak’s hands. From then, the Warblade of Archimonde is proudly worn by his lieutenant. He wields it in deference to his commander, shouting “For Archimonde!” as his battle cry.

The Third War ended with the defeat of the demon Archimonde on Mount Hyjal. After the defeat of the Burning Legion, Kazzak and his forces started to fall back. They occupied a ravaged area in the Blasted Lands, known as the Tainted Scar. At this time, Kazzak was appointed a Lord and had his forces with him. For a long time, they were completely cut off from contact with any other demonic forces.

doom lord kazzak
Doom Lord Kazzak (image part of WoW TCG)

Lord Kazzak’s main and only goal was to reopen the Dark Portal. If that was done, he would return back to Draenor, or now the shattered realm of Outland. Shortly after, a relic of the past surfaced on Azeroth, radiating renewed energy. This caught Kazzak’s attention as it would serve to his purpose if he had it. Eventually, he succeeded and had his hands on this relic that he seeked so much. Finally, this relic had enabled the doomguard to open the Dark Portal.

Opening the Dark Portal meant that the gateway to the shattered realm of Outland is reopened. With the portal now opened, Lord Kazzak was seen departing through the dark portal with his followers. In his stead, he left his minion, Highlord Kruul to sow fear among the defenders of Azeroth.

Beyond the Dark Portal

With finally the Dark Portal opened, Lord Kazzak ventured into Outland. Once he was there, he was immediately promoted to Doom Lord. Now, he commands the Burning Legion’s war effort in Outland in the name of his master, Kil’jaeden.

doom lord kazzak in outland
Doom Lord Kazzak in Outland
(artwork by Dan Scott)

Kazzak set up his throne on top of Throne of Kil’jaeden, a mountain in Hellfire Peninsula. From there, the Doom Lord commands the Burning Legion’s armies and lays waste to Outland. Atop his throne, he protects the mountain and will battle anyone who oppose him and his masters.

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