Lore Sundays: Beginnings of the First War

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The First War was the first conflict between two sides, the Alliance and the Horde. This conflict is where all started, a long journey in the World of Warcraft. It all started in a battle between the orcish clans of Draenor and the humans of the kingdom of Stormwind. This Sunday, you will learn the lore behind The First War and how it started.

Before we continue with the article, I wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year Murlocs. Let this be a prosperous one and let’s look forward to many Lore Sundays together.

The Kingdom of Stormwind

The land of the humans who lived here was a paradise. Stormwind flourished in these prosperous times. The kingdom of Stormwind controlled much of the southern part of Azeroth. The Knights of Stormwind roamed far and wide, serving justice for the kingdom. There were of course, the Clerics of Northshire Abbey.

Map of Azeroth, Eastern Kingdoms prior to the First War
Map of Azeroth, Eastern Kingdoms prior to the First War
(picture credits: WoW Chronicle Vol 2)

The majestic land of Azeroth, and mostly the kingdom of Stormwind had guardian protecting it. An ancient line of empowered protectors called Guardian of Tirisfal. This ancient line of protectors was magically empowered in order to keep the world safe from the Burning Legion. At this specific time, Medivh was the last Guardian of Tirisfal. He greatly aided the kingdom of Stormwind whenever that was needed. He also had a best friend from Stormwind by the name of Anduin Lothar. Anduin was a Knight Champion of the kingdom of Stormwind and a descendant of the Arathi bloodline.

The world was safe as long as the guardian was there, even Stormwind. Nobody knew that soon enough, the kingdom will be at war, the First War. In addition to this, the guardian, Medivh, secretly plotted to destroy the world. Even before birth, he was possessed and corrupted by the lord of the Burning Legion, Sargeras. Years passed and Medivh slowly worked his plans together.

The Dark Portal

Medivh, influenced and possessed by Sargeras, slowly collaborated with a warlock on his plans. The warlock, by the name of Gul’dan, was a harbringer of the Burning Legion. He was infused and empowered with fel magic which made him really powerful warlock. Together with Medivh, they channeled their magic and opened two portals. One portal was on Draenor and the other portal was on Azeroth, called the Dark Portal. Soon enough, the orcs and humans would clash in the so called First War. Opening the portal allowed the orcish Horde to enter the realms of Azeroth for the first time.

Medivh opening the Dark Portal
Medivh opening the Dark Portal
(picture credit: Blizzard TCG)

There were rumors in the kingdom about these foul creatures. But the humans didn’t know from where did they come and why did they come. Some of these orcs were infused with the demonic blood of Mannaroth making them fel orcs. They were savages, lusted for war and seeking to destroy everything in their path to conquer Azeroth. Soon enough, the orcish Horde made the first move and started wreaking havoc in the area. Lots of people were attacked and killed and villages were raided and burnt down.

Soon enough, the reports came to the king of Stormwind and made him act. King Llane sent Anduin Lothar to uncover what these creatures are. Anduin led a small force of knights to scout the raided areas, soon resulting in a clash between the humans and the orcs. Soon enough, the battle would start and go on, resulting in the First War between them.

Stay tuned with us for the next Sunday where we continue with the start of the First War. Until then make sure to take a look at our latest article about patch 8.3.

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