Lore Sundays: Azuregos

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Hello lore lovers. For this Sunday we have the powerful blue dragon Azuregos. Since the launch of Classic Phase 2 two weeks ago, it is a good time cover the lore related to it. Azuregos and Kazzak are now available to the players in the game as world bosses.

Azshara’s Treasures

Azuregos is a powerful blue dragon and one of the lieutenants of Malygos. As a blue dragon, he is incredibly interested in magical artifacts and their protection.

Azuregos in Azshara
(artwork by linxz2010 DeviantArt)

Before the Great Sundering, the night elf city Eldarath became the land now known as Azshara. Eldarath was a place where many of the Highborne took residence. It is believe that many ancient and powerful artifacts can be found in the ruins. The once-mighty stronghold was a place where lot of magic was focused and used.

For many generations, the Blue Dragonflight guarded the powerful artifacts and magical lore. They had one thing in mind, to ensure that doesn’t fall into mortal hands.

Azuregos was tasked with a duty in these forgotten lands and ruins of ancient city. He was tasked to defend Azshara’s magical treasures from mortals. Whatever Azuregos seeks, one thing is certain: he will fight to the death to defend Azshara’s magical treasures.

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands

During the War of the Shifting Sands, a magical scepter was created. This scepter was created to make it possible to reopen the Scarab Wall. The wall is the border between the silithid controlled desert and Ahn’Qiraj. However, the scepter was shattered by the druid Fandral Staghelm. The shards of the shattered scepter were handed over to the four dragonflights respectively. This was done with the hopes that the mighty dragons will protect the shards from someone reuniting them. If the pieces were re-united, the horrors of Ahn’Qiraj could be unleashed again. Meanwhile, Anachronos, Eranikus, Vaelstrasz and Azuregos all had one piece of the shards.

The five Dragonflights - Azuregos
The five Dragonflights
(picture taken from Dragonflights of WoW)

In addition, Malygos charged Azuregos with protecting the scepter shard. When this was done, he knew that he is in for an eternity of pain and headache. All Azuregos wanted to do is study the rich in magic parts of Azshara and take whatever artifacts he finds in the ruins. He held the scepter shard for 500 years and he thought it was nothing but trouble. The scepter attracted all kinds of attention and harm. He didn’t want to baby sit some would-be hero’s ticket to glory. All he ever wanted to do is to be left alone in his studies. He gave the shard to a very special minnow, Maws.

After the Cataclysm

After the death of Malygos, Deathwing sent agents to assassinate the rest of the blue dragonflight. Unfortunately for him, Azuregos has nowhere to be found. Eventually, it was discovered that he is hiding in the spirit world. The reason behind this is that he is in a relationship with a Spirit Healer, Anara. After that, he was found and he aided Kalecgos in fighting the black dragonflight.

Anara and Azuregos in the Spirit World
Anara and Azuregos in the Spirit World
(screenshot taken from Gamepedia)

Some time passed by and Azuregos returned to the abandoned Nexus. His plan was to secure the magical artifacts contained within the vault. But, he was captured by the Ethereum when entering the Nexus. Kalecgos didn’t forget about the help provided by Azuregos so he sent help immediately. He sent the adventurers to free Azuregos and together they took down Nexus-Prince Bilaal. He stayed behind to secure the Nexus so it won’t fall in the wrong hands again.

If you want to see last Sunday’s lore, you can find it here. The article covers Doom Lord Kazzak, also part of the Phase 2 WoW Classic launch.

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