Lore Sundays: 5 Interesting World of Warcraft Lore Facts

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Hello folks. For this Sunday I had something different in mind so why not do it? You know that there’s usually some lore about a character explained. Well this time, let’s take a break from characters and learn some interesting World of Warcraft facts instead.

World of Warcraft Festival Facts

The Lunar Festival Lore Facts
The Lunar Festival

World of Warcraft is a home of many events from the calendar of the game. First out of these five World of Warcraft lore facts is about the Lunar Festival. This festival is celebrated for the triumph over the Burning Legion thousands of years ago. The people of Azeroth celebrate this victory against a great evil. Fireworks are also present in the celebration which is a symbol for Elune’s power.

The First Worgen

world of warcraft lore facts worgen
The Worgen
(artwork from WoW loading screen)

I am sure you all know the Worgen as a race in World of Warcraft. You probably played it at some point on time. I am sure that you know the lore behind this one, and the curse that started in Gilneas. Well I can assure you that the first Worgen were not the ones from Gilneas.

Long time ago, there was a war between the druids and the satyr on Kalimdor. The druids sought and practiced some powerful magic, to gain the fury of Goldrin the Ancient. By doing so, they transformed to wolves but couldn’t contain the ferocity within. The only way to manage that was to submit their powers to an artifact called the Scythe of Elune. The druids did that, but unexpectedly, the weapon turned them into Worgen.

Lore of the Blood Elves

Female and Male Blood Elf world of warcraft lore facts
Female and Male Blood Elf
(artwork by Blizzard)

This one is probably my favorite in all of World of Warcraft facts. Blood Elves’ original name is High Elves. They are a race that descended from the Highborne Night Elves who left Kalimdor. They built the city of Quel’Thalas and made it their capital. During the Third War, the Scourge attacked Quel’Thalas under the command of Arthas and slaughtered all of them. Those who managed to escape, called themselves the Blood Elves in honor of their fallen people. They would later join the Horde in order to reunite with Kael’Thas.

The Three Erdar Leaders

Prophet Velen wow facts lore
Prophet Velen
(artwork by Amin Talebi on ArtStation)

The Erdar are a race of extremely powerful magic wielders who arose on the planet of Argus. They were led by extremely powerful and wise leaders. Their names are Velen, Archimonde and Kil’jaeden. They built cities and prosperous times for their people and ruled in peace. However, 25 000 years ago, the dark titan Sargeras came on Argus and contacted the Erdar leaders. He offered them immense powers in exchange of a service. Two of the three Erdars accepted it, Kil’jaeden and Archimonde. It was at that time that they become memebers of the Burning Legion.

About The Elemental Revenants

Air Revenant
(artwork by Mark Gibbons)

Probably the least known from the World of Warcraft facts is this one. At the time of the Scourge, Arthas purged the city of Stratholme. Following him, there were couple of former paladins known as deathlords. Since Lordaeron was big, there were couple of cities around there. These deathlords did the same thing to the other cities as Arthas did to Stratholme. Their acts were so evil that it transformed them into Elemental Revenants and they were shattered around the world.

I hope you guys enjoyed these World of Warcraft interesting lore facts. Until the next Sunday, make sure you learn about Ra-den in my previous Sunday Lore article.

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