Lore of the Invincible

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World of Warcraft is filled with important character figures such as Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Garrosh Hellscream and Uther the Lightbringer, but what you may not know is that there are mounts that are very famous and have even influenced some of the events of the game’s lore. One such mount is the Invincible so today we will be focusing on its origins as well as it’s lore.

Our story begins with the birth of a small foal on the Balnir Farmstead in Tirisfal Glades. The Balnir family is has been known for breeding steeds for the royal family but even they were impressed with the strange color of the foal’s coat that was born. The steeds that they bred had a distinct gray color but this one was strangely white which made everyone who witnessed its birth stare in awe including then nine years old prince Arthas Menethil. The horse was then given to Arthas as a present and he thought of naming it Starlight or Snowfall because of its white coat, but since it was customary to name horses after their qualities back then, Arthas finally settled on the name Invincible.

The horse and the young prince spent many years together bonding and the prince would often take the horse for a ride around Tirisfal Glade and parade it every chance he could. A decade later, during a harsh winter, Arthas and Invincible were caught in a blizzard while they were traveling to Balnir Farmstead. When Arthas attempted a jump which Invincible had made numerous times before. However, being unaware of the slippery ground which was covered in ice, the horse slipped and fell, hurdling both the steed and the prince into a tumble down a steep hill. The prince lost consciousness for a few seconds but when he came to, he was greeted by a horrific image.

Lying down in the snow, in a puddle of blood was his magnificent steed with both of his front legs broken. Arthas quickly attempted to heal the horse but was unsuccessful. To make matters worse, the blizzard was getting stronger, so he had no way of getting any help for his poor steed. It was then with a heavy heart that the young prince decided to take his sword and thrust it through his friend’s heart in order to relieve him of the pain.

It wasn’t until after the storm completely subsided and the Jarum and Jarim Balnir found the prince lying in the snow curled up to the corpse of his beloved companion. At Arthas’ request, the steed was buried at the Balnir Farmstead, which left the young prince feeling sad and responsible for the death of his steed. This was one of the reasons why prince Arthas decided to become a paladin.

Many years later, after the city of Lordaeron fell, and Arthas obtained the cursed blade Froustmourne, he returned to the grave of his former companion and resurrected him as an undead steed to serve him once again. Arthas rode the steed in numerous battles that ensued including the siege of Sunwell. During the siege, Anasterian Sunstrider attacked Arthas and in a charge cut down the Invincible’s front legs with the enchanted blade Felo’melorn. This reminded the prince of the tragic death of his companion which sent him into a blind rage which culminated with Arthas shattering Felo’melorn and killing Anasterian Sunstrider. Arthas was able to heal his steed thanks to the magic of necromancy and Invincible continued to serve his master, even after Arthas became the Lich King.

Players are able to obtain the Invincible Charger mount after defeating the Lich King on heroic difficulty in 25-player mode.


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